Palworld how to find and catch Penking – Penking location and drops

Palworld how to find and catch Penking – Penking location and drops
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Need to know how to find and catch Penking in Palworld? This Ice-type Pal is great for your team but can be tough if you don’t know where to find them.

Palworld is a mixture of different Pals from all across the map. These include basic Pals as well as more advanced and harder-to-catch Pals. While advanced Pals that are great for your base are harder to come by in the wild, there is always a chance you spot one of them available to capture. Today’s article will encompass how to find and catch your own Penking.

Where To Find Penking in Palworld

If you’re looking for a Penking out in the wild, you can find it in either the dungeon north of Rayne Syndicate Tower or in the Southern Pal Sanctuary. 

When you visit the dungeon north of Rayne Syndicate Tower, you’ll find a level 15 Alpha Penking there. When you go to attack it, you’ll find many small Pengullets trying to attack you so watch out for them. After that it is simple. Lower its health and throw a mega sphere on it to have a chance at capturing it.

The Palworld map showing the location of an Alpha Penking
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The second way we mentioned isn’t easy either. The Southern Pal Sanctuary is heavily guarded and Pal Catchers aren’t allowed. You need to sneak into the Southern Pal Sanctuary, locate a tamed Penking, and throw a Pal Sphere on it to capture it. The problem is that this location is unlocked pretty late into the game, around level 25. And even once you do manage to get there, if you’re spotted by the Santuary’s guards, you’ll receive a Wanted level which means they’ll be after you. So take care whichever way you choose to go.

How To Catch Penking in Palworld

You can catch Penking by finding its Alpha form in the dungeon north of Rayne Syndicate Tower or chilling at the Southern Pal Sanctuary. A third way to catch Penking is by hatching it from a Large Damp Egg. This method differs slightly from the above methods since you won’t need to battle Penking, rather you can easily receive it from an egg. We’ll explain how.

Players can find a Large Damp Egg in the Marsh Lands. While scouring the Marsh Lands, if you happen to come across a large blue egg just sitting there, you can hatch it to see if you get a Penking. Do remember that the hatches are random so this is not a sure-fire way to catch Penking. However, it is the easiest and there’s no high-level requirement for it.

What Items Does Penking Drop?

Penking drops Ice Organ and Penking Plume. These are not basic starter items like High Quality Pal Oil that is dropped by starter Pals so make sure you don’t miss out on these when they drop as they could be really important in your journey ahead.

Penking Weaknesses and Strengths

Peking is a Water-type Pal meaning it will be weak to Electric-type Pals. Take an electric Pal along with you if you’re going to defeat Alpha Penking since you’ll need a strong team to fend off his Pengullets as well.

Because Penking is a Water-type, they are strong against Fire-types. Don’t try to fight a Penking with one.

Electric-type Pals

There are plenty of Electric-type Pals you can find in the early game to take on Penking with. Bring a strong Sparkit, Jolthog, or Mossanda Lux with you when you go to hunt down a Penking.

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Penking. Be sure to check out how to catch Dumud and where to find Daedream if you’re on the hunt for more Pals to add to your Paldeck.

Palworld Penking FAQs

Where can you find Penking in Palworld?

There is a level 15 Alpha Penking in the dungeon north of Rayne Syndicate Tower, or you can find them in the Southern Pal Sanctuary.

What Pals are strong against Penking?

Any Electric-type Pal will be strong against Penking. Try using Sparkit, Jolthog, or Mossanda Lux.