Palworld how to find and catch Astegon – Astegon spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

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Are you wondering how to find and catch Astegon in Palworld? This dark/dragon-type Pal is one of the strongest in the game and is well worth taking the trip to obtain. Of course, you probably won’t end up getting this Pal for a long time.

If you are hunting for Pals, you might want to know how to find and catch Univolt in Palworld. You might also want to know how to find and catch Quivern in Palworld. You will want to have the strongest Pals on your side so make sure you go grab Astegon as soon as you can.

Where to find Astegon in Palworld

Astegon can be found by traveling to Wildlife Sanctuary 3 in the northeastern corner of the map at coordinates 666, 629. This area is full of high-level Pals that are difficult to catch. Because of this, you will want to make sure you have a strong team with you ahead of time.

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The nearest fast travel point to the Wildlife Sanctuary is the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point at the end of the desert. You will need either a flying or swimming mount to reach the sanctuary.

You can find an Alpha Variant Astegon in the southwestern part of the map around the volcano at coordinates -614, -430. This version of Astegon can be found to the north of the Eternal Pyre Tower entrance and appears at level 48. This field boss is very tough so be on your guard should you travel to it.

How to catch Astegon in Palworld

Like all other Pals, you need to whittle down Astegon’s health and then use a Pal Sphere to catch it. Due to its high level, we recommend bringing Legendary Spheres to make the job easier. After all, Astegon is quite dangerous and hits very hard.

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When trying to deal with Astegon, we also recommend bringing an ice-type Pal. Since Astegon is a dark/dragon-type combo, it is weak to both dragon and ice-type Pals. Either of these will work by ice-types seem to be better.

What items does Astegon drop in Palworld?

Astegon has some great drops. This Pal drops Pal Metal Ingot and Pure Quartz, both of which are necessary items for endgame crafting. While you won’t have a ton of luck farming Astegon due to it being a more rare spawn, it is great to catch it whenever you for the extra materials.

Astegon breeding combinations – How to breed Astegon

The following Pals can be bred to spawn an egg containing Astegon:

Parent 1Parent 2
Pyrin NoctSuzaku
ShadowbeakPyrin Noct
Astegon Breeding Combinations

That is everything you need to know about Astegon. Be sure to also check out how to find and catch Penking in Palworld. You can also check out how to find and catch Vixy in Palworld.

Palworld find and catch Astegon – FAQ

Where can you find Astegon in Palworld?

Astegon can be found at Wildlife Sanctuary 3 in the northeastern corner of the map. It can also be found in a mineshaft under the Eternal Pyre Tower in the southwest corner of the map.

What Pals are strong against Astegon in Palworld?

Ice-type Pals are strong against Astegon. Because of this, we recommend using Pals like Ice Reptyro, Chillet, and Reindrix against it.

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