Palworld how to find and catch Grintale – Grintale spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

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Need to know how to find and catch Grintale? While this Pal is not easy to take down, adding it to your Paldeck is definitely worth your time and effort.

The harsh map of Palpagos in Palworld is not for the faint of heart. A variety of very difficult bosses, known as Alpha Pals, lurk across the open world. Taking them down requires both individual mechanical skill and powerful, supportive Pals. One such Pal is Grintale, who is currently rated very high as a unit for combat. We’re here to show you how to find and catch Grintale.

Where To Find Grintale?

Grintales are relatively rare to come across during regular exploration as they spawn in a particular part of the central region of Palagos Island, close to Cinnamoth Forest. at coordinates -71, -271. On top of that, they spawn only at night, a time when players typically stay clear of the wilderness. 

The locations where you can find Grintales on the Palworld map
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However, if you have yet to unlock fast travel to Cinnamoth Forest, you can set out from either Devout’s Mineshaft or the Abandoned Mineshaft. Specifically, Grintales spawn in the area towards the west of Devout’s Mineshaft or towards the northwest of the Abandoned Mineshaft, just before the shore meets the sea.

How To Catch Grintale?

You can catch Grintale by sufficiently lowering its HP and then capturing it with a Pal Sphere. Moreover, to maximize your chances of capturing it, you need to have decent mechanical skills, good supportive Pals, and, of course, some stroke of luck. 

A Palworld player with a torch running towards Grintales
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The idea is to engage with Grintale with both your character and your Pal. However, since Grintale’s much stronger than most Pals you’ll find in the wild, you should try to chip at its health by alternatively stealing aggro. In other words, first, you should attract its attention while your Pal deals damage, and once it turns its attention to your Pal, you should spring into action. To optimize this strategy, you can bring along a Dark-type Pal since Dark-type attacks are super effective against Neutral Pals.

Once Grintale’s HP falls below 10%, you should start hurling your Pal spheres at it. When the sphere makes contact with Grintale, it will be absorbed into the sphere, and luck will kick in. Specifically, a percentage chance will be displayed next to the sphere, indicating how likely you are to capture Grintale with that particular Pal sphere. This likelihood increases the more Pal spheres you use, and the lower Grintale’s HP gets.

All soldiers retreat

Make sure to withdraw your Pal when Grintale falls to low HP, as its AI is not smart enough to withhold attacks at any point. So, there’s a chance it could defeat Grintale before you even get the chance to capture it. IF this happens, you’ll have to find another Grintale to target.

What Items Does Grintale Drop?

Grintale drops High Quality Pal Oil. High Quality Pal Oil is quite a valuable resource as it allows you to craft Polymers that are used in crafting some of the best weapons in the game, from rocket launchers to assault rifles to shotguns.

So, if you ever end up killing a Grintale, even by accident, don’t think of it as a waste. This material is highly coveted.

What Are Grintale’s Weaknesses?

Grintale is a Pal of elemental type Neutral, meaning it is weak towards Dark-type attacks. On that note, Tombat is a great Dark type Pal you can get very early on the in-game and is particularly easy to spot during nighttime due to the purple glowing flames on its body. Its passive also enables you to detect nearby Pals, additionally making it a great pick for hunting obscure Grintales. 

Neutral Pals aren’t strong against any type, so you can use any strong Pal you have to take them down.

Grintale breeding combinations – How to breed Grintale

The following Pals can be bred to create an egg that hatches a Grintale:

Parent 1Parent 2
Grintale breeding combinations

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Grintales in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to catch Penking and how to get Depresso if you’re looking for more Pals to fill up your Paldeck with.

Palworld Grintale FAQs

Where can you find Grintale?

Grintale can be found only at nighttime, near the Cinnamoth Forest.

What Pals are strong against Grintale?

Since Grintale is a Neutral-type, use a Dark-type Pal to combat them, since they are weak to this type. Tombat is a great Pal for this.

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