Palworld best accessories – our guide to the best accessories and how to get them

Palworld best accessories – our guide to the best accessories and how to get them
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Need to know the best accessories you can wear in Palworld? While you start out with nothing, Palworld lets you build and craft your to the top, letting you equip yourself with the best gear.

Palworld has an endless variety for you to enjoy while traveling across the Palpagos Islands. From picking out the best Pals to travel and build your base with you, to finding the best weapons to defend yourself with, there’s plenty to find. But, what are the best accessories you can adorn yourself with? We’re here to give you the best six accessories you can find in the game.

Best accessories in Palworld

There are five different accessories in Palworld that are great for surviving and thriving:

  • Attack Pendant +2
  • Ring of Dragon Resistance +2
  • Life Pendant +2
  • Ring of Flame Resistance +2
  • Pendant of Diligence +2

These accessories give you the best buffs to survive in Palworld.

Attack Pendant +2

The Attack Pendant in Palworld
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The Attack Pendant +2 greatly raises your attack, letting you take out more foes with ease. You’re going to be doing plenty of hunting while you play through Palworld, and being able to have stronger attacks against both humans and Pals makes for a much easier time.

This Attack Pendant is the best of the Attack Pendants, having the highest boost with +2. There are other Attack Pendants you can find, but this one is the cream of the crop. However, you still shouldn’t pass up the others if you find them before getting Attack Pendant +2.

Ring of Dragon Resistance +2

The Ring of Dragon Resistance in Palworld
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When it comes to tough Pals, Dragon-types are one of the fiercest. That’s why the Ring of Dragon Resistance +2, a ring that greatly lowers Dragon damage, is one the best accessories you can find. Many of the toughest Alpha Pals are Dragon-types, and this ring comes in handy.

Simply equip this ring and you’ll be able to greatly lower the amount of damage you take from Dragon attacks. Some of the strongest Pals, like Jetragon, will be much easier to take on once you have this ring on you.

Life Pendant +2

The LIfe Pendant in Palworld
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There’s nothing better than getting more health for no cost. That’s what the Life Pendant +2 is for. This pendant greatly increases your health. This allows you to withstand more attacks and take more damage without dying.

If you get caught by a surprise raid on your base or run into a powerful Pal while exploring, this pendant is truly a lifesaver. There’s never a situation where having more health will be a detriment, so the Life Pendant is always great to have.

Ring of Flame Resistance +2

The Ring of Flame Resistance in Palworld
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Just like the Ring of Dragon Resistance, the Ring of Flame Resistance +2 greatly reduces Fire damage. Fire damage is easy to get caught up in, whether from Fire-type Pals or just walking through some rogue flames. That’s why this ring is so great to have.

Fire-type Pals are abundant across the map of Palpagos, but their attacks can be some of the most difficult to deal with. When wearing this ring, you won’t have to worry as much, especially while facing tough Fire-type Alpha Pals.

Pendant of Diligence +2

The Pendant of Diligence in Palworld
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This special pendant is able to greatly increase your work speed. While this accessory isn’t very useful while in battle, it provides an incredible buff while you’re crafting. Increasing your work speed allows you to build more technologies faster.

This is an amazing accessory to have on while you’re working on your base. It’s tedious work getting all the different buildings and technologies up and running. Having the Pendant of Diligence on makes the time go much faster, and you’re able to craft more of the necessary materials you need to survive.

Beginner Friendly

While these are the best accessories to find in the game, you can get lower level versions of these same accessories. They provide the same buffs, just at a lower strength. They’re great for players just beginning their Palworld journey.

How to get the best accessories in Palworld

There are two different ways you can find accessories in Palworld, by opening treasure chests and by defeating Alpha bosses.

Opening the various treasure chests found in Palpagos, and specifically inside dungeons, can reward you with any number of accessories, including those from our best list. Anytime you find one, you should open it to reap its rewards. Even if you don’t get the best accessories, there are plenty of other goodies to find in them.

The other way to get accessories is by defeating Alpha bosses. These bosses can sometimes drop accessories upon their death. While this is randomized, and no one boss provides a specific accessory upon death, you are still able to get good rewards from them. The higher the level of the boss, the rare the accessory they drop.

That’s everything you need to know about the best accessories in Palworld and how to get them. Be sure to check out the best Pals for mining and the fastest mounts in Palworld so you can know what the best Pals are to go along with your accessories.

Palworld best accessories FAQs

What are the best accessories to equip in Palworld?

The best accessories are the Attack Pendant +2, the Ring of Dragon Resistance +2, the Life Pendant +2, the Ring of Flame Resistance +2, and the Pendant of Diligence +2.

How do you get good accessories in Palworld?

You can either get accessories from opening treasure chests or defeating Alpha bosses, which can drop them once they die.