How To Unlock Polyatomic Camo MW2 – tips, tricks and recommendations

How To Unlock Polyatomic Camo MW2 – tips, tricks and recommendations
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Want to bedeck your Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 weapons in Polyatomic Camo? We’ll help you get it unlocked as soon as possible.

Modern Warfare 2 contains customization options for weapons, mods, operator skins and more, all allowing players to bring a personal touch to their loadouts and overall Call of Duty experience. And a customizable element that everyone’s gunning for in Modern Warfare 2 is Mastery Camo.

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Mastery Camo will take time and effort to unlock – especially the higher tiers – but they result in some serious bragging rights.

We’ll show you how to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2, and soon you’ll be able to show it off to your heart’s content.

MW2: How To Get Polyatomic Camo

Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic Camo Unlock
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Getting Polyatomic Camo isn’t something you can jump into right away in Modern Warfare 2. You’ll have to spend some time climbing the Mastery Camo ranks first. We’ve outlined the process for ranking up to Polyatomic Camo below:

  • Completing Base Camos challenges will unlock Gold Camo.
  • Completing all Gold Camo Mastery Challenges for a weapon class – eg: Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles – will unlock Platinum Camo for that weapon class.
  • Repeating the process and completing Platinum Mastery Challenges – which require 200 kills with each weapon equipped with Platinum Camo – for all weapons in that class will unlock Polyatomic Camo.

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To get the camo fast, make sure you are using a weapon that you’re comfortable with, that’s versatile enough to cater for all of the game’s maps.

We recommend opting for the M4 as the first weapon to try to achieve the Polyatomic camo with. You can check out the best M4 loadout right in Modern Warfare 2 right here

Modern Warfare 2: Mastery Camo Ranks

Polyatomic Camo is the third of four possible Mastery Camo types in MW2. Gold Camo is first, followed by Platinum, Polyatomic and finally Orion. Gold Camo alone shows real dedication to a specific weapon, so reaching the Polyatomic stage is no mean feat.

The community has been racing to be among the first to get these bragging rights – so hopefully this guide will help you get there too.

It’s a true indication that you’ve dominated the camo grind in that specific weapon and a great way to boast to friends on the progress you’ve made on the game!

Modern Warfare 2 Polyatomic Camo FAQ

Is Polyatomic Camo in Modern Warfare 2?

Yes, Polyatomic Camo is unlockable once you have progressed past Gold and Platinum Camo challenges.

Is there another Mastery Camo after Polyatomic Camo?

Yes, Orion Camo is available after completing Polyatomic Mastery Challenges.