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How to Unlock Gold Camo MW2

MW2 gold camo
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MW2 Mastery Camos are back in Modern Warfare 2 – and come in Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion, as confirmed by the Modern Warfare 2 blog post.

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The good news is, they are all achievable, they just take a bit of work. You can read all about MW2 Mastery Camo right here.

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This article focuses on how to unlock the Gold Mastery Camo in Modern Warfare 2. It’s the first, and possibly the easiest of the Mastery Camos to get in MW2, and – in our view – it’s also the best looking.

How to Get Gold Camo in MW2

The Gold Camo Challenge is available once the Base Camo Challenges have been completed. This ranges from between one to four challenges per weapon.

The best way to unlock the MW2 gold camo is to focus on the gun you are most comfortable with.

Many will opt for the M4, as this is the easiest and most accessible weapon in the game. This is, in our view, the best place to start for those new to MW2.

Trying to unlock the Gold Camo for a sniper rifle, for example, will be far more challenging and will take a lot more precision and skill with that particular weapon.

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Each weapon has up to four Base Camo challenges but some are only accessible when the weapon reaches a certain level.

You can access these challenges through the Gunsmith’s Customization menu. There are also Gold Mastery Challenges.

Taking the M4 as an example, you’ll need to get 100 Kills with Gold Camo equipped to the weapon.

You’ll be rewarded with a Calling Card and an Emblem based on that weapon once you’ve completed it.

If you’re struggling for kills in MW2, make sure to check out our detailed M4 weapons guide right here.

Gold camo MW2 FAQ

Is there gold camo in MW2?

Yes, there is Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2. To unlock it, you’ll need to complete a weapons based camo challenge.

Does MW2 have camos?

Yes. There is a Base Camo Challenge system in Modern Warfare 2 and a Mastery Camo system, targeting completionists.