Is Minecraft Legends co-op?

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Is Minecraft Legends co-op? The original blocky survival game is well-known for being a game where you can work alongside a friend in split screen and build the base of your dreams. How much does that change with Minecraft Legends’ switch to real-time strategy?

We have a complete breakdown of all the Minecraft Legends multiplayer modes in our separate guide, but here, we’re taking a specific look at co-op. While you’ll absolutely need our top Minecraft Legends tips and tricks if you’re getting stuck in, keep reading for the lowdown on the Minecraft Legends co-op modes available and whether there’s Minecraft Legends split screen.

Does Minecraft Legends have online co-op play?

Yes, Minecraft Legends has online co-op play so you can team up with your friends while defending your base and attacking Piglins, regardless of what platform you’re playing on.

Similarly to Minecraft Dungeons, your friends can drop in and out while you explore the Minecraft Legends open world, making it as seamless an experience as possible. If you want, you can also team up in competitive matches against other players as you try to take control of the land.

Is there Minecraft Legends split screen?

Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not have local co-op play or split screen. If you want to play with your friends, it will need to be on separate devices. Minecraft Legends co-op is in the game, but is online only and split screen isn’t part of the multiplayer features available to players

While the original Minecraft has a split screen mode, it appears developers Mojang and Blackbird Interactive weren’t able to make that work for Legends. Given how players will spend more time split up across the map in this game, it might have been too much for certain consoles to handle processing the game two times. Luckily, the game does have crossplay so you can meet up on the battlefield regardless of what you are playing on.

Make sure you’re fully caught up on the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs, along with all of the Minecraft Legends mounts for smooth traversal throughout the world.


Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

Yes, Minecraft Legends features both the story campaign with friends along with competitive multiplayer for those that want a challenge.

Is Minecraft Legends split screen?

No, unfortunately though Minecraft Legends does features co-op play it doesn’t include local split screen for those that want to play on the same device.

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