Best Minecraft Legends mounts and how to get them

Best Minecraft Legends mounts and how to get them
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Wondering which Minecraft Legends mounts you can ride in the blocky RTS game, and which the best mounts are? With a total of four different mounts in the game, the choices aren’t endless, but each mount comes with their own special abilities. We’ve got fast mounts, jumpy mounts, and even a beetle-shaped speedboat mount (sort of).

Here’s an overview of all Minecraft Legends mounts and how to get them so you can cruise round the Minecraft Legends map in style. And yes, one of them is truly the best mount available, and we’ll explain why. Here’s what you need to know about mounts in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player character riding a Big Beak in the Jagged Peaks biome.

What are the best Minecraft Legends mounts?

One of the Minecraft Legends mounts is the undeniable best: the Brilliant Beetle. While it can be situational, if you need to cross a predominantly flat terrain, the speedy Regal Tiger is usually the best mount to use for example. However, if there’s a mountain range between you and your destination, the Big Beak is much better.

Generally speaking though, the Brilliant Beetle is the best mount available in Minecraft Legends. While you may initially be put off by its rather slow movement speed on land, the Brilliant Beetle’s increased speed on water and gliding ability make up for that. What makes the beetle truly overpowered though, is the wall-climbing ability, allowing you to scout your opponent’s defences and quickly retreat from battle if necessary. Go beetle!

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player character riding a Brilliant Beetle in a river.

Minecraft Legends mounts list

Here are all of the Minecraft Legends mounts in the game and their abilities:

  • Horse – the starter mount, no special abilities.
  • Regal Tiger – runs faster than other mounts.
  • Big Beak – this colourful bird mount jumps extra high and glides over vast distances. Hold the jump button to keep afloat (this will avoid fall damage).
  • Brilliant Beetle – has extra speed on water, can climb walls, and has a gliding ability similar to the big beak.

While there are many other friendly animals to be found in Minecraft Legends, such as turtles and llamas, unfortunately these are not available as mounts.

Minecraft Legends mounts: The player character atop a Big Beak as splash text displays "Mount Unlocked: You've unlocked the Big Beak".

How to get new mounts

To get a new mount in Minecraft Legends’ campaign mode, you need to explore the map until you find their homestead. If you get close enough, this location will first appear as a yellow question mark, at which point you can’t yet tell whether it’s indeed a mount location or something else, such as one of the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs.

Get even closer, and the yellow question mark may become a mount icon. If so, visit that homestead, approach one of its inhabitants, and hold the interaction button to swap mounts. Congratulations, this mount type is now unlocked, which means that each time you fast travel to a village, one of its kind will be waiting for you to use.

Even though mount homesteads spawn in randomised locations, they’re always linked to a specific biome type. So, if you’re looking for one mount type in particular, be sure to explore the corresponding biome:

  • Regal Tiger – dry savanna biome.
  • Big Beak – jagged peaks biome.
  • Brilliant Beetle – jungle biome.

Beware that mounts work a little differently in Minecraft Legends’ PvP (versus) mode, as every mount type is freely wandering the overworld. In other words, there’s no need to discover a homestead first; you simply need to be lucky enough to stumble upon the mount you want.

That’s the lowdown on all of the Minecraft Legends mounts. Make sure you understand everything there is to know about the best Minecraft Legends melodies next, Minecraft Legends co-op and familiarise yourself with our top Minecraft Legends tips to ensure you get off to a winning start.