Minecraft Legends map explained – size, icons, and generation

Minecraft Legends map explained – size, icons, and generation
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This Minecraft Legends map guide will help you understand the many different icons and map tools at your disposal. From friendly villages to dangerous piglin bases, it’s important to know which areas to protect and which areas to capture.

Keep in mind that the Minecraft Legends map is procedurally generated, which means that biomes and locations spawn in randomised places, much like the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs. As every map looks different, the annotated map in this guide provides an example, but not an exact copy of your own map. We definitely recommend hopping on one of the Minecraft Legends mounts to do your exploring.

Minecraft Legends map size

There isn’t an exact measurement to determine the average Minecraft Legends map size, but you can travel from one end to the other in just a few minutes, so no matter where you want to go, it isn’t too much of a trek. This is considerably smaller than a standard Minecraft world, which can be considered endless for all intents and purposes.

Minecraft Legends map: An in-game Minecraft Legends map, with annotated numbers explaining each of the icons.

Minecraft Legends map icons

Since every Minecraft Legends map is unique thanks to the procedural generation, the image above won’t be identical to your map in-game. Instead, it’s an example of a typical campaign map in the Minecraft Legends open world, complete with every icon and tool you should know about:

  1. Well of Fate – this is your personal base where you can place upgrades, called ‘improvements and host melodies’. Protect it at all costs!
  2. Your current location.
  3. A village – you can teleport to this location.
  4. Piglin territory – there are two large piglin bases within this red, occupied area. There’s also a smaller base (much less dangerous!) located a bit further northwest. On this map, all remaining piglins belong to the same horde, as indicated by the red colour. There are two more piglin hordes at the start of a campaign, one blue and one yellow. Defeat a horde, and they won’t return to the map.
  5. A targeted village – as indicated by the red line surrounding this village, the piglins are planning to invade it.
  6. Mob homestead – in this case, it’s an allied creeper base. The skeletons and zombies are found in the southern part of this map. As you can tell by the dark smoke rising from this base, it has been damaged by a recent piglin attack.
  7. An undiscovered location – this may be a special host tower or legendary golem. After you’ve discovered them, pay a certain amount of resources to add the towers or golems to your army.
  8. A discovered host tower location – as you can see, there are two more discovered host towers and a legendary golem location in the northern part of the map.
  9. Mount location – after discovering a mount’s homestead, you will be able to swap to that mount at any village fountain. This particular mount location grants access to the Regal Tigers.
  10. Pinged location.
  11. The current mouse position – by hovering over the map, you can see the name of the biome as well as its most common resource. In this case, it’s a swamp biome with lots of redstone ore veins.

Minecraft Legends map campaign vs PvP

The map above shows a Minecraft Legends campaign map, as opposed to a PvP (versus) map. In PvP mode, you don’t need to discover host towers, mounts, allied mobs, or legendary mobs through exploration, so their icons aren’t displayed on PvP maps. However, you will see an additional icon, either blue or orange, that shows your opponent’s Well of Fate location. In other words, the PvP map looks almost the same but with fewer icons.

Is the Minecraft Legends map procedurally generated?

Yes, every map in Minecraft Legends is procedurally generated, in both campaign and PvP modes.

Now you know all you need to know about the Minecraft Legends map, make sure you’re fully caught up on the best Minecraft Legends melodies, and ensure you follow our top Minecraft Legends tips to get ahead of the game.