Is Minecraft Legends open world?

Is Minecraft Legends open world?
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Is Minecraft Legends open world? Legends is the second Minecraft spin-off game, following Dungeons in 2020, but rather than being a hack-and-slash Diablo-inspired game, Legends sits firmly in the real-time strategy genre.

There are plenty of other questions ahead of the Minecraft Legends release date at the moment, including is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass, but one of the biggest is whether Minecraft Legends is open world or not. So far, we’ve only seen limited gameplay, but here’s what we know about the Minecraft Legends open world.

Is Minecraft Legends open world: The player character hoisting a blue flag amongst skeletons and piglins.

Minecraft Legends open world explained

Yes, Minecraft Legends is open world, but to what extent is still unconfirmed. We’re not expecting it to be as vast as Minecraft itself, because that game is essentially endless, but Mojang has described Minecraft Legends as “a vivid open world filled with treasures and perils”. This leads us to believe that the main mode will have a hand-crafted map, much like Minecraft Dungeons did for each level, but we do know the PvP mode in Minecraft Legends will feature procedurally generated environments to battle other players in.

One thing we are expecting with Minecraft Legends is that you will be guided down a specific path, at least to begin with as you progress through the tutorial and early stages of the game. You’re very much left to your own devices in Minecraft itself, but we suspect if that were the case in Legends, players would find it very easy to get stuck without guidance.

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