Is Minecraft Legends on Switch?

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Is Minecraft Legends on Switch? With Minecraft being one of the most popular games in the world, it makes sense for the latest spin-off to come to every console possible. The Nintendo Switch is also a bona-fide success, making it a perfect fit.

Can you expect to see Minecraft Legends make its way to Nintendo’s flagship hybrid console? We’ve got all the details below about the Minecraft Legends Switch version, along with guides on the Minecraft Legends multiplayer modes, Minecraft Legends co-op, and our top Minecraft Legends tips and tricks to help you get started in this RTS.

Will Minecraft Legends be on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, there is a Minecraft Legends Switch version and it’s available now, alongside PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since acquiring the Minecraft IP, Microsoft has been steadfast in making sure that the original game and all spin-offs are available to players on all consoles.

While it has the Minecraft name, it is important to go into Minecraft Legends recognizing it is a different game. While still set in the blocky world with many of the same mobs, Minecraft Legends is a real-time strategy game. You will spend time upgrading your base while getting ready to battle AI Piglins or other human players. Instead of the first-person view you are likely used to, Minecraft Legends has a pulled back camera. You will still explore a fairly open world, though.

As stated above, since Microsoft acquired the Minecraft IP about a decade ago, they have done a good job of making sure it comes out on everything and is not an Xbox exclusive. Being the highest-selling game ever is likely very good motivation for that, but regardless, it is good to see the spin-offs supported as well.

While we know that Minecraft Legends is on Nintendo Switch, the same can’t be said about a Minecraft Legends mobile version. If you are getting stuck in, we’ve also got details on all the Minecraft Legends mounts and the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs, also known as the First Golems.

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