Minecraft Legends legendary mobs – how to get the First Golems

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If you wish to add the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs to your army, you’ve come to the right place. As it turns out, not all mobs are created equal in Minecraft Legends; there are four legendary units, also known as the First Golems, who are much stronger than their smaller, ‘normal’ golem peers.

You can obtain these First Golem legendary mobs in both campaign and the Minecraft Legends multiplayer mode, but the unlocking process is different for each. While our Minecraft Legends tips are vital for newbies, you’ll also need to know how to get Minecraft Legends legendary mobs, what to expect from their abilities, and our recommendation for the best First Golem type.

Minecraft Legends legendary mobs: All four First Golems following the player character.

Minecraft Legends legendary mobs explained

Here are all of the Minecraft Legends legendary mobs and their abilities:

  • First of Brick: defensive support, shields allies from incoming projectiles.
  • First of Diorite: minion spawner, adds smaller golem minions during battle.
  • First of Oak: ranged warrior, uses arrow attacks from a distance.
  • First of Stone: siege engine, shoots boulders from a distance.
Minecraft Legends legendary mobs: Awakening a First Golem.

Best Minecraft Legends First Golems

Of course, legendary units are legendary for a reason; all of the First Golems are worth getting. That said, the First of Stone is particularly handy as it takes down enemy buildings much, much faster than non-legendary units. And unlike the stationary Redstone Launcher siege engine, the Stone Golem will follow you inside fortresses and doesn’t require manual shooting.

The other First Golems are either easier to replace by smaller units or harder to manage during combat. For example, while the First of Brick’s shield seems very handy at first, it often spawns at the wrong time in the wrong location. The First of Stone is much easier to command, as you only need it to focus on buildings.

How to get the First Golems in campaign mode

To get Minecraft Legends legendary mobs in campaign mode, you need to keep an eye out for yellow question marks, which may turn into demolished First Golems when you get closer. Beware that you need to build the ‘Wake the Firsts’ improvement melody before you can repair these legendary mobs though, which improvement costs 100 stones and 100 prismarine.

Once you’ve got the improvement melody, visit a First Golem location on the Minecraft Legends map and bring plenty of gold and rare resources, as you’ll need it for the awakening process. The type of rare resource depends on the First Golem:

  • First of Brick: iron
  • First of Diorite: coal
  • First of Oak: diamond
  • First of Stone: redstone

The legendary golem automatically joins your army after the awakening. If you don’t wish to command the golem right away, simply leave it behind and pick it up at any village fountain (teleport waypoint) later on. You can command more than one First Golem at the same time!

Minecraft Legends legendary mobs: A close-up of a First Golem.

How to get First Golems in PvP mode

In Minecraft Legends’s PvP mode, you don’t have to discover the First Golems’ locations. Instead of exploring the overworld, it’s enough to build the improvement melody called ‘Build the Firsts’. This requires the following materials:

  • Stone x400
  • Prismarine x140
  • Improvement hub

Once you’ve placed this improvement, you can build First Golem spawners. This costs 225 lapis as well as an available Flame of Creation and 400 rare materials. Just like the campaign, the type of rare material depends on the type of legendary mob you want (First of Brick needs iron, First of Diorite needs coal, etc.).

What is the final boss in Minecraft Legends?

The final mission in Minecraft Legends involves taking down The Great Hog, once you’ve destroyed all of the nether portals. You need to command your entire army to take him down before he destroys the Well of Fate.

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