Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer?

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Is Minecraft Legends multiplayer? There are plenty of things players are wondering about the latest blocky spin-off game, and one of the most important is whether you can play with – or against – friends. Minecraft Legends is a strategy game, which is a genre that can be hit and miss when it comes to multiplayer. But Minecraft has such strong social elements, surely it has multiplayer, right?

While our Minecraft Legends co-op guide tackles that aspect, this article focuses primarily on multiplayer itself – both co-operative and competitive. If you are playing Minecraft Legends, you should familiarise yourself with our top Minecraft Legends tips – and find out if you can play for cheap via Minecraft Legends Game Pass – but without further ado, here are the details on Minecraft Legends multiplayer.

Minecraft Legends multiplayer modes explained

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Yes, there are Minecraft Legends multiplayer modes, including online campaign co-op and PvP versus. Players can team up with friends to not just play through the game itself but test their skills against other players online.

Whether it’s forming valuable alliances with your friends or leading strategic battles to defend the Overworld together, multiplayer will be available in multiple capacities in the new Minecraft video game, highlighting another great reason why fans are excited for its launch.

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