Minecraft Legends tips and tricks to become a blocky strategy hero

Minecraft Legends tips and tricks to become a blocky strategy hero
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Here are the best Minecraft Legends tips and tricks to help you defeat those pesky piglins. Don’t be fooled by the cheerful colours of the overworld; Minecraft Legends is a difficult game to master. You’ll have to understand battle formations, exploration mechanics, combat tactics, the ‘melody’ creation system… In other words, these Minecraft Legends tips and tricks may come in handy.

From Minecraft Legends legendary mobs and riding mounts, to building and combat advice, here are our top Minecraft Legends tips.

Minecraft Legends tips: The player character surrounded by redstone.

Always stack up on resources

In Minecraft Legends, you need resources for every combat-related action you take. You’ll need them to get buildings, unit spawners, base upgrades, legendary units… everything. So, no matter where you’re going, as long as you’re in an area with resources (basically everywhere that isn’t affected by netherrack), order your resource-gathering allay to pick up wood, stone, and ore. If you turn this into a habit, you won’t run the risk of accidentally going into combat without enough resources.

Minecraft Legends tips: Placing an improvement banner.

Build efficiently

Your first priority in a game of Minecraft Legends is to place improvement melodies, as they unlock better units and buildings. However, improvement melodies can only be built in a very small radius around an improvement hub. In campaign mode especially (where you only get four hubs), it’s very important to place the improvements as close together as possible to avoid running out of room.

Furthermore, in PvP mode, it’s best to build your improvement melodies as close to the heart of the base (Well of Fate) as possible. This will save you a ton of wood when you start building walls and defensive towers around your base.

Minecraft Legends tips: The player wandering through a forest with a tall structure in the background.

Explore efficiently

As in any real-time strategy game, we don’t want to give our opponents a head start, so it’s important to explore the Minecraft Legends map as efficiently as possible. In campaign mode, you eventually need to uncover the overworld in order to find ‘first golem’ legendary mob, stun tower, and mount locations. However, as you don’t have enough resources to awaken legendary mobs or collect towers at the start of the game, it’s much more efficient to gather materials and upgrade your base first. Only when you’ve got a large stack of rare resources, it’s time to venture out.

In PvP mode, it’s best not to explore much at all, as you don’t need to find special locations. All the key information you need, including your enemy’s base position, can be found on your map. The only exploration objective you should worry about is finding resources near your base.

Minecraft Legends tips: The player riding through some high grass.

Ride through the high grass

While travelling the overworld, there are tiles to use, and tiles to avoid. Here’s a collection of Minecraft Legends tips for safe travelling:

  • Always ride through the high ‘speed wheat’ grass as it gives you a speed boost.
  • Use bouncecaps, the red mushroom tiles, to temporarily receive a jump boost, allowing you to easily pass through mountainous areas.
  • Watch out for harmful ‘redthorn’ bramble bushes, as they slow you down and damage you.
  • Likewise, watch out for the green, poisonous vines.
  • Avoid slowing grass which (you guessed it) slows you down. Same goes for mud pools.
  • Don’t step on the lava.
Minecraft Legends tips: The player character riding on the Regal Tiger.

Upgrade your mount

As our final Minecraft Legends tip related to exploration: did you know you can upgrade your mount? It’s easy to overlook, but upgrading your mount can make a huge difference, as it may give you additional speed, a gliding ability, and even the ability to climb walls. Needless to say, this gives you both an exploration and combat advantage.

In campaign mode, you need to discover a mount’s homestead to unlock it. This is one of the hidden special locations found across the map. In PvP mode, you’ll find mounts wandering the overworld right from the start of the game.

Minecraft Legends tips: The player character atop a red tree with netherrack at the bottom next to a lava lake.

Choose your target carefully

During the campaign, you’ll have to defeat three different piglin hordes, shown as different colours on the map. They each have their own characteristics:

  • Horde of the Spore (blue) – unpredictable, often uses high platforms that can only be reached by building ramps.
  • Horde of the Bastion (yellow) – highly defensive style, uses large, heavily guarded fortresses with thick walls.
  • Horde of the Hunt (red) – aggressive fighting style, prone to expand and send out troops.

A horde will only stop recovering and expanding once its last base (and boss) have been defeated, so it’s best to focus your efforts on one at a time. If you divide your efforts equally, you may never reach a breakthrough.

However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about the other two completely! If they start a new base or target a village, you should still try to repel them, before going back to fighting your ‘focus’ horde. One more Minecraft Legends tip for fighting piglin hordes: target the smaller bases first. You can check a fortress’ strength by hovering over their location on the map.

Minecraft Legends tips: Cobblestone Golems taking down buildings while zombies attack piglins.

Bring the tiny bulldozers

While there are many different tactics used to take down an enemy base, here’s a very simple and straightforward one to start with: the cobblestone golem demolishing team. Spawn a large group of cobblestone golems, units specialised in destroying structures, and a second group of melee fighters, such as zombies. Order the cobblestone golems to focus on nearby buildings while you and your melee fighters hold off the enemies.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to destroy every enemy structure in sight. For example, if an arrow tower is on your path, but you can pass it quickly and stay out of its range afterwards, don’t waste time and units on it. When targeting piglin bases, however, it’s usually best to destroy every nearby piglin spawner as it will stop the reinforcements.

Minecraft Legends tips: A stone structure near a swamp.

Positioning is key

Whether you’re defending or attacking, remember that your position always plays a huge role in the outcome of a battle. Here are a few Minecraft Legends tips regarding your battle position:

  • Before laying siege, build a base of operations close to the target fortress. Create spawners, some defences, and make sure it’s out of projectile range.
  • Especially when targeting a piglin base, you can often find isolated areas to capture first, such as a higher platform that isn’t connected to the central one with the nether portal.
  • In PvP mode, a mountain range or (even better) an ocean on one side offers a huge advantage, as you only need to defend one side.
  • In PvP mode, even if you lack a nearby ocean, piglins often advance from one or two sides (where the nearest piglin bases are). Put some defences in their way, and you’re free to focus on the player opponents.
  • During battle, mind your personal position! It’s often helpful to take up your own sword and knock down some piglins, but if you’re still commanding troops, remember that they’ll keep following you around. They won’t do as much damage if they’re constantly interrupted because you’re changing your position, so it’s usually better to give them a focus target or charge command, leaving you free to move around as you please.

How old is Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends released on April 18, 2023, so at the time of writing, it’s less than a year old.

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