Hogwarts Legacy – How to climb the battlements in the High Keep quest

Hogwarts Legacy – How to climb the battlements in the High Keep quest
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Wondering how to climb the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy? Part of the main storyling, the 27th main quest The High Keep sees you join Natty at Falbarton Castle, northeast of Hogsmeade. You’re tasked with climbing the high walls of the battlements in the castle to hunt down a letter crucial to unraveling Harlow and Rookwood’s shady business. Easy enough, except for a confusing puzzle involving the castle’s main gates that makes it rather challenging to climb the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to solve the puzzle and scale the battlements with ease in our step-by-step guide.

Character climbing the battlements in Hogwarts Legacy

How to climb the battlements – step by step guide

Walk towards the gate and take a right in the gap in the short wall. Follow the path to a wooden scaffold you can climb to reach a hole in the castle ramparts. Go left, and you’ll spot a closed gate. Cast Depulso on the turbine on the left to open the gate.

Character casting Accio spell on turbine

Grab the crate using Accio and move it to the wall just ahead of where you climbed up a moment ago. Use Wingardium Leviosa magic by using the levioso spell on the crate to have it hover in mid-air and climb up.

Character casting Levioso on crate in Hogwarts Legacy

Take the doorway on your left and follow the path right until you see a highlighted breakable wall. Cast a damage spell like Confringo to destroy it to reveal a crawl space leading to another crate you can’t move it from here. Follow the wooden walkway left around the tower until you spot a broken window. Cast Accio through the window to move the crate, clearing the way.

Character moving box in Hogwarts Legacy

Backtrack and go through the crawl space into the room. Inside you’ll find a mechanism to open the gate. Cast Depulso on the turbine on the left.

Character opening battlements main gate in Hogwarts Legacy

When the gate is fully lifted, cast Accio on the pulley above the gate mechanism to hold it open – it’s pretty high up, so make sure to look up, or you’ll miss it.

Character casting Accio on pulley to open main gate in Hogwarts Legacy

Natty will join you. After a short cutscene, head up the scaffold ahead of you and up another ledge. Ahead of you is a crate in a doorway. Use Depulso to push it forward into a hole in the floor. Go right down the stairs, then use Accio to move the crate between the broken stairs and the ledge. Go to where the stairs end and use Levioso on the crate. Hop across to the ledge above.

Character climbing up ledge

From here, the route to the roof is straightforward, and other than a couple of level 1 door lock requirements that can be unlocked using Alohomora, shouldn’t prove too difficult as long as you clear out the poachers. At the top, you’ll meet the hippogriff Highwing.

Where Are the Battlements in Hogwarts Legacy?

The battlements are located at Falbarton Castle, northeast of Hogsmeade. You’ll come across the battlements during the High Keep quest, where you’re tasked with helping Natty find an incriminating letter crucial to her efforts to get rid of Harlow and Rookwood.

How do you open the main gate in the High Keep Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

To open the main gate during The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy, cast Depulso on the turbine to the left of the gate several times to lift it up fully. After that, immediately cast Accio on the pulley above the gate to keep it open (it’s fairly high up so make sure to move the camera upwards or you’ll miss it) and allow Natty to get through and join you.

Can you use your broomstick to fly up the battlements?

Unfortunately flying on your broomstick isn’t available. You will have to solve the puzzle and climb up.

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