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Hogwarts Legacy follows the narrative of having the players embark on their own journey to becoming powerful magicians. That said, the game is set quite some time before the Harry Potter books or films, leaving you and your wizarding gang confused about whether Hogwarts Legacy is canon or not.

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Let’s dive deeper into the article to get a better understanding. 

Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon?

While the developers have said that the game is being developed based on the wizarding world from the original literature , the game is not canon. This is mainly because the author of the books has not been directly involved in any of the development or design of the game itself. 

Furthermore, it is to be noted that the game will be set in the 1800s, far before the earliest Harry Potter movies, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which is set in 1927. Although, this may allow the developers to tinker with and involve events that occurred before the 1900s. It could also allow developers to have more freedom.

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Nevertheless, the developers have tried to follow the same lore as that in the books. This is further backed up by the FAQ section of Hogwarts Legacy, where the developers have answered that the game is based on the original literature; however, the game isn’t a direct adaptation of the magical realm.

Final Thoughts

Hogwarts Legacy seems to be inspired by the original books, and the revealed gameplay seems to mimic the design in the books as well as the atmosphere. However, the games are not consistent with the storyline described in the books and movies and will follow their own storyline.