Hogwarts Legacy – how to get more vivariums

Hogwarts Legacy – how to get more vivariums
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After unlocking the ability to capture beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll quickly find that one of the Hogwarts Legacy vivariums isn’t enough to house all the magical creatures you’ll come across.

Though you’ll want to regularly visit the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade to turn your surplus creatures into Hogwarts Legacy Galleons, you’ll ideally need more vivariums to house a wider selection of creatures supplying all the materials you need to know how to upgrade gear in Hogwarts Legacy. We’ll explain how to get more vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get more vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy

As with most things in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll get more vivariums by advancing the main story and completing side quests linked to Deek, the elf in the Room of Requirements. Throughout the game, you can expand your vivarium count to a maximum of four, for a total capacity of 48 beasts.

The first additional vivarium unlocks during The Plight of the House-Elf side quest. Chat with Deek in the Room of Requirements, and after a brief cutscene showcasing the room morphing and twisting, you’ll get access to a brand new vivarium, this one styled after a wind-swept beach.

Next, you’ll need to complete the Foal of the Dead side quest to unlock a further vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy, this one set in swampy wetlands. For this quest, you’ll need to use the nab-sack to get both a female and male thestral, then get a Breeding Pen Spellcraft (available at Tomes and Srolls in Hogsmeade), and take the lot back to the Room of Requirement. Incidentally, this quest also unlocks the ability to breed and rear beasts.

Lastly, the final vivarium becomes available after you’ve completed the Phoenix Rising side quest. Unfortunately, unlike most other stations in the Room of Requirements, there’s no Conjuring Spell conjuration for extra vivariums.

Here are all the Vivarium biomes available:

  • Starting/Default Vivarium
  • Swamp Vivarium
  • Coastal Vivarium
  • Grassland Vivarium

How do vivariums work in Hogwarts Legacy

Vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy are bound to several rules that dictate what and how many beasts you can have at any given time:

  • A maximum of 12 individual beasts
  • 4 different species

The most important rule is that you can only have up to four different species of beasts in one vivarium. You can have several of these four beast types in one vivarium. 

So, for example, a single vivarium could contain 12 Puffskein, or 3 Giant Purple Toads, 3 Puffskein, 3 Mooncalf, and 3 Nifflers. But, the vivarium wouldn’t accept a Puffskein, a Giant Purple Toad, a Mooncalf, a Niffler, and a Jobberknoll, because those five species exceed the four species limit.

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