Hogwarts Legacy best brooms ranked and all broom locations

Hogwarts Legacy best brooms ranked and all broom locations
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After a the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of ways for Harry Potter fans to explore the vast world, but for many the broom will be top of the list. Nothing quite beats soaring in the skies above the wizarding school on the broom of your choice.

We’ve already detailed what wand handles are in the game, but just how many different brooms are there in Hogwarts Legacy and how can you get them? We’ll walk you through the full Hogwarts Legacy broom list and their locations.

Hogwarts Legacy broom list

Once you’ve unlocked flying during the Flying Class main story quest in Hogwarts, you’re able to use the broom to get around, but you first have to go to Albie Weekes at Spintwitches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade to buy your first one. From then on, you can buy brooms at any time and equip them in the gear menu.

There are a total of 13 brooms in the game. Nine brooms can be bought from vendors, while four can unlocked through Challenges as you progress through the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Wind Wisp broom

Vendor brooms

Each of these brooms can be bought at vendors and traveling vendors across in Hogsmeade and the Highlands.

  • Wind Wisp Broom: A stylish broom with a light touch – quite literally. Available for purchase from Spintwiches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons.
  • Ember Dash Broom: The perfect broom for those with a fiery temperament. Available for purchase from Spintwiches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons.
  • Hogwarts House Broom: A broom enchanted to celebrate your particular Hogwarts house pride. Available for purchase from Spintwiches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons.
  • Moon Trimmer Broom: Finely crafted from ash, this broom is built for stability. Available for purchase from Spintwiches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons.
  • Yew Weaver Broom: A comfortable and speedy broom with a unique woven design. Available for purchase from Spintwiches Sporting Needs for 600 Galleons.
  • Sky Scythe Broom: An agile broom for the flyer who wants to look impressive when demonstrating their myriad skills. Available for purchase from the Leopold Babcocke Wanderer Shop in Hogsmeade Valley for 5000 Galleons.
  • Silver Arrow Broom: Designed by the famous broom-maker Leonard Jewkes, this broom is perfect for handling the competition. Available for purchase from the Arn Wandered Shop in the Hogwarts Valley for 5000 Galleons.
  • Family Antique Broom: This heirloom broom has been passed down for generations. Available for purchase from the Priya Treadwell Wanderer Shop in south Feldcroft for 2500 Galleons.
  • Aeromancer Broom: A smooth ride that cuts through the air like a potioneer slicing ingredients. Available for purchase from Rohan Prakash Wanderer Shop in the Poidsear Coast near the Marunweem Bridge for 3000 Galleons.
Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy

Challenges brooms

To these brooms, you have to pop sets of balloons scattered around the map (there’s usually like 5-6 of them) while flying around. Clusters of balloons appear throughout the map, so you’re sure to bump into some before long.

There are four tiers to the challenge with each tier unlocking a new broom appearance reward, or put simply, a new broom skin. You can check progress in the Challenges Menu, under Exploration. Here the brooms you can unlock through challenges:

  • Lickety Swift Broom: Designed with aerodynamics in mind, this broom will make travel a breeze.
  • Night Dancer Broom: A nimble broom with an impressive style.
  • Wild Fire Broom: A broom that captures an untamed nature with a little spark.
  • Bright Spark Broom: Fly among the stars with a broom that celebrates them.

Hogwarts Legacy best brooms ranked

Before we share our favourite brooms from our dozens of hours playing Hogwarts Legacy, it’s worth noting that the differences between each broom are purely cosmetic. None is better or worse than the other as they all feel and play the same. As such, our ranking is more focused on the best looking brooms, useful if you’re leaning heavily into role playing.

  1. Sky Scythe Broom – equipped with a green tail and an ornate metal seat, the Sky Scythe Broom screams sophistication. The broom of choice for Slytherin house members.
  2. Silver Arrow Broom – engineered from the ground up for competitive Quidditch, the Silver Arrow Broom is for those that want to channel their inner seeker.
  3. Bright Spark Broom – decked out with the two hanging stars on its front and an intricate metal flourish on its back. The trailing light show when riding at night is a sight to behold as well.
  4. Wild Fire Broom – a fiery, knotted broom that looks like its been put through its paces by previous owners, the Wild Fire Broom is for those embracing the darker side of wizardry.
  5. Wind Wisp Broom – there’s a lot to be said for simplicity, and the Wind Wisp Broom is all about sleek, efficiency in both design and aesthetics. The lantern hanging from the front also helps with nighttime visibility.
  6. Hogwarts House Broom – looking to match your broom to your house gown? The Hogwarts House Broom adapts to your house of choice.
  7. Ember Dash Broom – another broom endowed with the power of flames, the Ember Dash Broom has a burning tail and a beautiful, sleek design ideal for those after a sharp broom to explore the skies above the wizarding school.
  8. Night Dancer Broom – slim and profiled for speed, the Night Dancer Broom has a wrapped tail for a neat, contained look sided by one of the slimmest handles of any broom in Hogwarts Legacy.
  9. Moon Trimmer Broom – reliability is a boon in the air and the Moon Trimmer Broom channels that with a bulky design.
  10. Family Antique Broom – if you’re after rustic look similar to what comes to mind when you think of classic fairy tale witches, then the Family Antique Broom is the one for you.

That covers all the brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out our other guides, including how to climb the battlements, all the Merlin Trials solutions, how to make money fast, how to solve the animal door symbols puzzles, and the Ghost of Our Love treasure location.

Hogwarts Legacy Broom FAQ

How far into Hogwarts Legacy do you get a broom?

You need to learn how to fly before you can get a broom, which happens during the Flying Class quest and once completed you will be able to get a broom.

Which brooms can I buy in Hogwarts Legacy?

The brooms you can currently buy in Hogwarts Legacy is Wind Wasp Broom, Ember Dash Broom, Hogwarts House Broom, Moon Trimmer Broom and Yew Weaver Broom.