Hogwarts Legacy max level cap – how to level up fast

Hogwarts Legacy max level cap – how to level up fast
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Want to know how to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy and hit the max level cap?

There are a ton of things to do while exploring the Wizarding World, including finding wand handles and collecting trophies – but what is the max level in Hogwarts Legacy? And is there a cap? Here’s everything you aspiring wizards need to know.

What is the Hogwarts Legacy max level?

To view your level, open up the Field Guide Book and you’ll see the level displayed at the top (see the image below). The number displayed is the level your character’s current level as you’d see in other RPGs.

The maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy is 40. You won’t find yourself hitting this level by the end of the main story quests unless you decided to hit absolutely everything on your way there.

In order to do this, you’ll need to make sure to complete the main quest list, as well as a large number of the side quests in the game. Combat also plays a huge part of the levelling up process, so those with the Dark Arts Battle Arena will have a huge advantage if you’re looking to reach the maximum level cap in the game quicker.

Hitting the maximum level of 40 will net you the ‘A Forte For Achievement’ trophy. Reaching the higher levels in Hogwarts Legacy is required to learn some of the better talents in the game, as well as progressing main story and additional side quests.

Hogwarts Legacy max level

How long to get to max level in Hogwarts Legacy?

We’ve broken down just how long you can expect to play the game to reach certain levels, assuming you are also completing side quests and challenges:

  • Level 10: Around 10 hours of play time
  • Level 20: Around 20 hours of play time
  • Level 30: Around 30-40 hours of play time
  • Level 40: 45-50 hours of play time

From our playthrough, we have now finished the game at around level 30 or so. So expect to put in a lot of open-world exploration and graft outside of the main quest if you’re keen on reaching level 40. If you’re wanting access to the unforgivable curses for example, you’ll need to find yourself in the late level 20’s.

Once you’ve reached the max level, any additional XP collected will not count towards anything. However, if a new game plus mode does find its way to the game (nothing has been confirmed here) then this will obviously change. If you choose to start a new game, all of the XP will reset and you’ll be back at level 1.

How to level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy

You can level up in Hogwarts Legacy by doing various activities outside of just tackling the main story and side quests. Fun and easy ways to level up in Hogwarts Legacy include:

The absolute fastest way to level would be the rinse and repeat the Dark Arts Battle Arena, which allows you to fight five waves of enemies. There is a premium associated with this edition, but it’s totally worth it if you want to level up fast. Doing so you will gain progress towards completion challenges for that enemy type, which rewards you with big chunk of experience points.

For those of you not wanting to get your hands dirty with combat, or do not have the Digital Deluxe edition of the game, focus on the following methods to grind out XP:

  • Grinding sidequests
  • Merlin trials
  • Collecting field guide pages

Hogwarts Legacy Max Level Cap FAQ

What happens when you reach level 40 in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hitting the maximum level of 40 will net you the ‘A Forte For Achievement’ trophy.

How long does it take to reach max level in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can expect to reach level 40 after around 45 hours of playtime with Hogwarts Legacy.