Hogwarts Legacy – how to get money fast and line your pockets with Galleons

Hogwarts Legacy – how to get money fast and line your pockets with Galleons
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Want to know how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy? Window shopping at Hogsmeade’s various vendors can be a teasing experience for new players who’ve yet to build up a stock of Galleons. All those recipes, potions, resources, and gear cost a bundle, and getting money in the early stages of Hogwarts Legacy isn’t easy.

To help you prepare for the ultimate spending spree to kit out your character with the latest wares, we’ve compiled a list of seven ways to get money fast in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get money fast in Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s how to get money fast in Hogwarts Legacy:

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Get Money

Sell gear for money in Hogwarts Legacy

Beating vendors as their own game and selling any surplus gear is a great way to get money in the early stages of Hogwarts Legacy. There’s no shortage of robes, hats, scarves, and gloves you can find throughout Hogwarts and the Highlands beyond, chiefly in treasure chests and for completing quests, so you’ll want to constantly swap out your gear for the pieces that offer the best stats.

When your gear slots are full, head to the vendors to sell your excess gear. Conveniently, you can sell gear at any vendor regardless of what their shop stocks, so you can offload gear at Ollivanders, for example, even though the shop specializes in wands.

A piece of gear will net you somewhere between 60 and 200 Galleons depending on the rarity, so a single visit could easily get you around 1000 Galleons on average. If you’ve completed Merlin Trials and ticked off the associated rewards, you’ll have even more gear slots and rake in more cash for selling gear.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Get Money

Looting common chests and sacks

You’ll find plenty of chests and sacks in the nooks and crannies of the Hogwarts school and the world beyond. They tend to give you either a piece of gear (which you can sell as explained above) or hard cash – somewhere between a few Galleons and 80 Galleons if you’re lucky. It’s not the most efficient way to get money in Hogwarts Legacy, but every little helps, especially in the early game.

Once you’ve learned the Alohomora Spell during The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament side quest, you can access even more locked rooms for even more money.

Bandit camps

There are roughly three dozen bandit camps dotted around the Hogwarts Legacy map. While they are a fun way to test your combat skills, clearing them out also gives you access to loot, including coin pouches and the occasionally treasure chest that contains Galleons. It’s by no means the most efficient way to get money fast in Hogwarts Legacy, but a few minutes to fight off the resident goblins is worth the detour if you’re already in the vicinity of a bandit camp.

Extra side quest payment

Most side quests give you gold as a reward, but when returning to an NPC to wrap them up, you’ll often have the option to ask for extra payment for your efforts. Though asking for more money might not be to every player’s liking, especially if you’ve gone in hard on role playing, but there’s no real in-game consequences to asking for more money. It doesn’t affect your relationships or standing with any NPCs nor does it lock you out of quests or activities.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Get Money

Loot eye monster chests for money in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ve likely come across these curious chests in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. They have one beady eye and panic when you approach, waking from what appears to be a light slumber.

To loot an eye chest, walk away until it settles down, then cast the Disillusionment spell (obtained during the Secrets of the Restricted Section main story quests) and slowly sneak up to it again. Once you’re close enough, a prompt to loot pops up.

Each chest gives you 500 Galleons. If you take the time to scope them out in Hogwarts Legacy, you can quite quickly build up a stash of money in the thousands. For more details on opening eyeball chests, check out our dedicated guide.

Sell beasts at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade

Beasts go for a fair bit of coin on the open market – 120 Galleons a pop. You can keep your own in vivarium in the Room of Requirement by gathering them in dens scattered around the map. To catch beasts, you’ll need the Nab-Sack, unlocked during The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom main story quest.

Open up your own shop

Fairly late into the game, you’ll stumble into a house-elf in Hogsmeade named Penny with a curious offer: her master, Cassandra Mason, has a vacant shop she’s looking to sell. The quest is called Minding Your Own Business and allows you to set up your own shop.

Buying the shop costs 1,500 Galleons. But before you can start trading, you’ll have to dive in the bowels of the shop for a series of puzzles involving a mischievous poltergeist. It’s one of Hogwarts Legacy’s more inventive quests so we won’t spoil the details.

Once the shop is set up, interact with Penny to mark gear items for sale. Selling them at your own shop earns you a little more than selling them directly to a merchant. For example, well-appointed items sell for 66 instead of 60 Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy how to get money – FAQ

How do you farm money in Hogwarts Legacy?

The easiest way to farm money in Hogwarts Legacy is to sell excess gear for Galleons at vendors, loot eye chests, and hunt around for sacks of money.

How do you make money fast in Hogwarts Legacy?

The best way, currently, is to sell surplus gear at vendors in Hogsmeade or out in The Highlands.

How do you get your own shop In Hogwarts Legacy?

To unlock your own shop and sell gear for profit in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to complete the Minding You Own Business quest. Talk to the house-elf Penny and rid the Mason shop of the poltergeist to wrap up the quest.