Hogwarts Legacy – how to unlock flying and how to get a broom

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How do you unlock flying in Hogwarts Legacy? We’ve all seen the trailers, budding wizards whizzing between pine trees, soaring through clouds, and skimming lakes, but in the first few hours of Hogwarts Legacy, there doesn’t seem to be a broomstick in sight.

We’ll explain how to take a flying class and unlock the broom so you can explore the castle and its surroundings at will in Hogwarts Legacy. We also have guides covering how to climb the battlements, all the Merlin Trials solutions, all The Bell Tower Wing Field Guide Pages locations, and how to solve the animal door symbols puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Unlock Flying & How to Get a Broom

How to unlock flying in Hogwarts Legacy

A new Hogwarts Legacy main quest mission called Flying Class unlocks after completing the Jackdaw’s Rest main story quest. Head to the marker next to the Flying Class Lawn Floo Flame in The Bell Tower Wing portion of Hogwarts.

During the class, you’ll learn basic broom flight controls and how to maneuver safely, with a few exercises to get you up to speed with the game’s broom mechanics. Everett Clopton will then take you on a quick tour of Hogwarts from the air. You’ll pick up a few further controls during this portion of the lesson and have more freedom to get to grips with the flying controls in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Unlock Flying & How to Get a Broom

Return to the Flying Class Lawn marker when you hear the whistle and land to complete the Flying Class.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Unlock Flying & How to Get a Broom

How to get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Learning to fly in Hogwarts Legacy is one thing, but without your own broom, you won’t be able to get flying and exploring whenever you want. You’ll need to visit Albie Weekes at the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop (previously closed) in Hogsmeade. A broom costs 600 Galleons.

After purchasing a broom, Albie explains that he can offer upgrades in exchange for you participating in timed trials. Talk to Imelda Reyes at the Quidditch Pitch in the Hogwarts grounds to start the Flight Test side quest.

How to fly in Hogwarts Legacy

To fly, you need to be in an area that permits flight. If the area is restricted, you’ll see a no-flying icon next to the mini-map in the bottom left of your screen. If the area is unrestricted, hold L1 and tap Circle to bring out the broom and climb on. From here, you’re free to fly freely except in restricted areas.

The flying controls in Hogwarts Legacy are as follows on PlayStation 5:

  • Left Thumb Stick/L3 – Steers the direction of the broom. Pressing L3 toggles flight speed – in our opinion, much more effective than holding R2 to reach flight speed.
  • Right Thumb Stick/R3 – Point up to ascend and point down to descend.
  • L2 – Triggers a burst of speed.
  • R2 – Hold to reach flight speed. Let go of R2 to slow down.
  • Circle – Hold to dismount.

Flying mounts

Though you’re main mode of airborne transport is the broom, you can also find and use magic beasts as flying mounts such as thestrals and hippogriffs. The latter is available after completing The High Keep quest, where you save Highwing the hippogriff from a gang of poachers with some help from Natty. The quest isn’t available until quite far into Hogwarts Legacy, though, so lean on the broom until the quest pops up.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying FAQ

How Do You Fly in Hogwarts Legacy?

Prior to being able to fly in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to complete the Flying Class quest which is available at Level 6.

How to Fly in Hogwarts Legacy Xbox?

While we’ve included PlayStation 5, the controls are the same for Xbox where left thumb stick and right thumb stick are the primary controls when flying.

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