Hogwarts Legacy best wand handles – every wand handle and locations

Hogwarts Legacy best wand handles – every wand handle and locations
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After a the best wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy is currently playable for those with early access and has given thousands of Harry Potter fans a chance to explore the Wizarding World. As expected, there are ton of spells and wand handles to collect and equip in the game.

Wands in Hogwarts Legacy are purely cosmetic but highly customizable. A large part of that comes down wand handles, which can be found in Collection Chests and for completing several side quests. Acquiring these, along with the plethora of achievements, make up one of the most enjoyable tasks in Hogwarts Legacy especially when customising your wizard or witch.

Note, there may be some mild spoilers for those looking for a surprise, so please tread with caution.

Hogwarts Legacy wand list

There are 42 wand handles in Hogwarts Legacy and they are found randomly in Collection Chests throughout the game’s world and as rewards for completing side quests. Until you you unlock them, they remain hidden, classified as ‘Unknown’ in the Collection Menu. They can be equipped by heading to the ‘Gear’ menu in the game, while your progress is captured under the ‘Collections’ tab. The below wand handles have been unlocked after around 30-40 hours of gameplay, so getting them all will prove a massive but rewarding task.

Hogwarts Legacy wand handles

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy wand handles:

  • Column – Dark Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Celestial – Blue: Collection Chest.
  • Botanical – Silver Leaf: Collection Chest.
  • Orbicular – Violet: Reward for completing the Gobs of Gobstones side quest.
  • Avian – Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Arrow – Black: Reward for completing the Brother’s Keeper side quest.
  • Checkerboard – Brown: Reward for completing the Absconder Encounter side quest.
  • Column – Beige: Reward for completing the E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre side quest.
  • Celestial – Dark Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Celestial – Light Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Botanical – Gold Leaf: Collection Chest.
  • Botanical – Bronze Leaf: Collection Chest.
  • Regal – Pink: Collection Chest.
  • Regal – Blue: Collection Chest.
  • Regal – Black: Collection Chest.
  • Column – Teal and Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Orbicular – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Orbicular – Gold: Collection Chest.
  • Basketweave – Black: Collection Chest.
  • Basketweave – Red: Collection Chest.
  • Basketweave – Blue: Collection Chest.
  • Checkerboard – Teal: Collection Chest.
  • Checkerboard – Blue: Collection Chest.
  • Imperial – Grey and Silver: Collection Chest.
  • Imperial – Grey and Bronze: Collection Chest.
  • Avian – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Avian – Beige: Collection Chest.
  • Shell – Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Shell – Honey Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Shell – Metallic: Collection Chest.
  • Shell – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Sabre – Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Sabre – Ash Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Arrow – Pink Swirl: Collection Chest.
  • Arrow – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Corkscrew – Light and Dark Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Corkscrew – Teal Blue: Collection Chest.
  • Corkscrew – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Swirl – Lilac: Collection Chest.
  • Swirl – Brown: Collection Chest.
  • Swirl – Dark Grey: Collection Chest.
  • Imperial – Brown and Gold: Collection Chest.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can link your Harry Potter Fan Club account and WB Games account to unlock exclusive rewards. This allows you to be sorted into your pre-assigned Hogwarts House and receive your customised wand, as well as enjoying exclusive in-game rewards, including the House Fan-atic School Robe and Beaked Skull Mask. Plus, you’ll get a special digital wallpaper when you sign up.

Hogwarts Legacy wand handles FAQ

Can you change your wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you have selected a wand, you’re able to head back to the shop and adjust it as frequently as you’d like. There are 42 wand handles to unlock in the game.

Can wands be customised in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, wands are highly customisable in Hogwarts Legacy. The main element of this is via wand handles but you’re also able to customise the length, wood type and wand core, the latter not providing any gameplay difference.