Enshrouded road map – what updates are planned?

Enshrouded road map – what updates are planned?
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Looking for the Enshrouded road map? Though Keen Games’ hit survival crafting game is packed full of content, quests, and feels more than a bit polished, it’s still in early access. What this means is that there’s plenty more on the way, namely upcoming updates to flesh out the world of Embervale even further.

We’ll share everything we know about the Enshrouded road map below. If you’re still exploring the current early access build and need a helping hand, check out how to get Clay, how to get Lapislazuli, the Crucible location, the Fell Monstrosity location, and our quick primer on Enshrouded console commands and cheats.

Is there an Enshrouded road map?

As it stands, there is currently no Enshrouded road map. Developer Keen Games plans to release the full 1.0 version within a year of the early access launch, so likely in early 2025, but beyond that there’s no details on what future updates are planned.

Keen Games says they are currently piecing together a road map internally, as mentioned in a Stream Community post in early January, citing two weeks after the early access launch as the window for them to publish future update plans. We’re nearing that window now, so expect some news imminently.

What future Enshrouded updates can we expect?

The developer noted that they are eager to know what features and improvements players want, and will use these to shape future updates, presumably detailed in the upcoming Enshrouded road map. For the moment, though, the focus is very much on iron out teething issues and fixing bugs and crashes, the first wave of which we saw in the Enshrouded patch #1 patch notes.

We’ll keep a keen eye out for the road map when it drops and update this page accordingly. In the meantime, we have guides covering how to get Metal Scraps, how to get Amber, how to get Resin, how to get Goo, and a guide explaining the max skill points and level cap for those planning specific builds.