CoD Mobile: How To use C4 

CoD Mobile: How To use C4 
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With skill-based matchmaking keeping matches at an equally challenging level throughout, CoD: Mobile players will want every possible trick available to them in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. 

C4 is a powerful piece of equipment that will level the playing field and see foes scrambling for cover if they aren’t taken out in the blast. We’ll show you how to obtain and use C4 with our CoD: Mobile guide

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How To Get C4 In CoD: Mobile 

CoD Mobile C4

C4 initially debuted in CoD: Mobile as a battlepass reward as part of season 9. Players that progressed to rank 14 on the season 9 battlepass would automatically unlock C4 to add to their loadouts.  

Since season 9 has ended, new players have been unable to acquire C4. It is hoped that, in subsequent seasons, players will be able to acquire C4 through other means. Keep an eye on the battlepass, and hopefully, C4 will be an unlockable reward again in the near future. 

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How To Use C4 In CoD: Mobile

C4 is an explosive that can be planted, primed, and then detonated remotely. Rather than aiming grenades with split-second timing, C4 can be planted at any point and later triggered at your leisure. The C4 explosion will be lethal if enemies are within proximity. 

C4 is best deployed in chokepoints and at the busiest areas of any map. Small maps especially can make C4 an overwhelmingly lethal tool, as there’s little opponents can do beyond keeping their distance and trying to engage from afar. 


How to get C4 in CoD: Mobile? 

C4 was a battlepass reward during season 9, and will hopefully be made available in future seasons. 

How to Use C4 in CoD: Mobile? 

C4 is lethal equipment that is first placed and then remotely triggered by activating a second time.