CoD: Mobile – How To Level Up Fast 

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Call of Duty: Mobile features a robust progression system and a high level cap that players will be itching to climb to right away. 

Many popular CoD features – including optional weapons, skins, and killstreak options like Nukes – are only accessible in CoD: Mobile at later levels. As such, new players will want to know how to rise through the ranks and level up as quickly as possible.  

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CoD: Mobile Level Up Fast – Clan Up 

CoD Mobile Level Up - Clan Up

Clear communication and teamwork are the backbones of any effective strategy in CoD: Mobile. Effectively communicating with teammates can often mean the difference between success and failure. 

Call of Duty: Mobile encourages teamwork in its online matches by rewarding players bonus XP for entering matches with their Clan. It’s easy enough to join or even start your own Clan in CoD: Mobile, so don’t hesitate to use this feature for regular XP boosts. 

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CoD: Mobile Level Up Fast – Look Out For Timed Events 

Timed XP Weekends

As with many other CoD titles, CoD: Mobile hosts timed double XP events, allowing its players to rank up many times over in a short space of time. Maximize your time playing CoD: Mobile during these events, and you’ll be able to acquire XP far more quickly than the usual rate. 

 While this isn’t a tactic that you can rely on all the time, definitely keep an eye out for any Double XP events if you’re looking to rise through the ranks as quickly as possible. 

Complete Challenges 

While it’s entirely possible to rack up a considerable amount of XP by playing aggressively and aiming for kills, challenge completion allows players to level up quickly without consistently gunning down their foes.  

Challenges provide optional objectives that offer XP bonuses when complete. So long as completing challenges isn’t detrimental to your match performance, check them off the list and be rewarded with XP for doing so. 

Equip The Right Weapons 

Custom weapon skins can allow you to show off in CoD: Mobile, but for the purposes of leveling up, some skins matter more than others. 

Certain weapon skins can offer a passive 10% boost to XP gain in Call of Duty: Mobile. If leveling up is your aim, there’s no reason to ever be using a weapon without one of these skins.

The additional XP gain might not seem like much at first, but it quickly mounts up when taking one of these specifically skinned weapons into every match. 

Level Up FAQ 

What is the max level in Call of Duty: Mobile? 

The maximum level that can be reached is 150. 

How to level up quickly in CoD: Mobile? 

Playing matches in a clan, completing challenges, equipping XP-boosting skins, and playing during double-XP events will allow you to level up quickly. 

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