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How to Open Crates in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile
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CoD Mobile is a console and PC experience that has finally been brought to the ever-present virtual devices we call mobile phones. Therefore, it was expected that the game would have certain infamous elements present in similar mobile games, such as crates.

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Crates are basically loot boxes that you can either earn or buy. You can then open them to reveal randomized rewards that can range from weapon charms to weapon camos. One could say it’s similar to the gacha system of other mobile games like Genshin Impact and Fate/Grand Order.

Since it isn’t exactly made obvious to players, we’re here to tell you how to open these crates to reveal the rewards inside.

How to Get Crates in CoD Mobile

As mentioned previously, there are essentially two ways to get crates in CoD Mobile. You can either earn them, or you can buy them.

Earning Crates

Earning crates is somewhat based on luck. When you go to your challenges, occasionally you’ll find that some of them will reward you with crates or crate coupons for completing them. There are higher chances of getting a gold crate coupon for completing seasonal challenges.

Therefore, we recommend making it a habit to check in with your challenges to see if you can earn crates or crate coupons for completing any of them.

There are also daily free crates you can open, although the stuff you get from them isn’t all that good. Nevertheless, you should open them every day.

Buying Crates

Buying crates is just as it sounds. You go to the store and you buy crates. Of course, there are many different crates you can choose from, and there are occasionally limited discounts on purchasing crates.

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How to Open Crates in CoD Mobile

Although many will say there are only two ways of opening crates in CoD Mobile, there have technically been three ever since crate coupons have been introduced.

Opening Challenge Earned Crates

The first is opening crates that you earn from challenges. To do this, you have to first navigate to your loadout. This can be done either on the multiplayer screen or on the battle royale screen. Once there, tap the backpack icon to enter your inventory screen, then look for the crates that you have earned.

After finding the crate you want to open, you’ll need to tap it to play a small crate opening animation. Afterwards, the reward you get will be found in your inventory.

Cashing in Crate Coupons

Although you’ll find all the crate coupons you have in your inventory, you won’t be able to redeem them from there. Instead, you have to go to the store, find a crate from there that can be bought by redeeming the crate coupons you have, and then purchase the crate using your coupon.

Fortunately, as soon as you redeem the coupon, the crate will automatically open so you won’t have to do anything else.

Opening Purchased Crates

Similar to how crates open automatically when redeeming crate coupons, any crate you purchase from the store will automatically open without you having to do anything else.

Now that you know how to open crates, all that’s left is to go and open all that you’ve collected. Better have your lucky charm nearby since you’ll be needing it if you want to score some good rewards.

How to Open Crates in CoD Mobile FAQs

What are COD Mobile crates?

Crates are containers that contain rare items and accessories such as weapon charms and camos.

How do I check my inventory on Codm?

To check your inventory, tap the Loadout button on the bottom of the home screen and select Inventory on the left side afterwards.