CoD Mobile: How To Get Clan Points 

CoD Mobile: How To Get Clan Points 
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Playing alone is all well and good, but if you want to consistently succeed in CoD: Mobile, your best shot is joining a Clan. Clanning up with others allows you to almost always have an effective squad to jump into a match with. 

If you want to rise to the top of Clan Wars and show your clan’s strength, you’ll need to accumulate as many Clan Points as possible. We’re on hand to help you out and will show you how to gain Clan Points in CoD: Mobile. 

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CoD Mobile – Clan Wars 

CoD Mobile Clan Points Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a ranked mode for CoD Mobile. Clan Wars is not seasonal, but a constant weekly ranking. If your clan wants to keep climbing the leaderboard, its members have to be on hand to gain clan points. 

At the end of each week, the tally of clan points will be counted, and your clan will move up or down the rankings depending on their overall performance. It can be a constant, cutthroat game, but it’s possible to rack up a huge number of points with the whole clan at hand. 

Depending on the weekly ranking, Clan Credits will be awarded. This will allow you and your clan to purchase cosmetic items from the Clan Shop. CoD: Mobile players are missing out on unique, interesting rewards if they don’t take the Clan Shop into account. 

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Gaining Clan Points In CoD: Mobile 

Throughout each week in Clan Wars, challenge nodes will appear on the map. Nodes offer access to optional challenges which award Clan Points on completion. Completing as many nodes as possible throughout the week gives your clan the greatest chance of advancing in rank. 

Node challenges are timed, lasting between 1-3 days, with a set number of nodes being active at once and nodes with greater rewards showing up as the week comes to an end. Balance completing as many nodes as possible with targeting those with the highest rewards to maximize the amount of Clan Points you are acquiring. 

Clan Points FAQ 

How to Get Clan Points in CoD: Mobile? 

Complete challenge nodes during weekly clan wars events to gain clan points. 

How to get Clan Credits? 

Clan Credits are awarded based on your performance during Clan Wars and the amount of Clan Points contributed.