How To Get A Nuke In CoD: Mobile 

How To Get A Nuke In CoD: Mobile 
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The only thing better than winning a game of Call of Duty: Mobile is winning in style. And getting a Nuke is one of the most stylish ways you can achieve victory in CoD Mobile. 

Nukes have historically – and understandably – been match-enders in Call of Duty. Using this killstreak requires a level of performance that practically guarantees you victory in a score-based mode regardless.

Nukes are the cherry on top in CoD: Mobile, a flashy way to secure a match win and show off your unbeatable performance. We’ll show you how to use them right here. 

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CoD: Mobile – How To Get A Nuke 

CoD Mobile Nuke

The upside to acquiring a Nuke in CoD: Mobile is that it is activated through a lower killstreak than usually required. Racking up 20 gun kills in a row is enough to make the Nuke ready to use this time around, a decline from steeper costs in CoD games past. 

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Nuke Level Requirement 

It can take some time to level up in CoD: Mobile to the point that you can use the Nuke. Level 20 is the minimum required level to deploy this killstreak. If you’re hoping to drop this particular bomb as soon as possible, look into gaining XP and leveling up to 20. 

Don’t expect to be able to consistently pick off weaker opponents as you slowly build towards winning with a Nuke, however. Call of Duty: Mobile features skill-based matchmaking, meaning that you’re going to be squaring off against opponents that will challenge your skill level as often as possible. If you’re doing well enough against these evenly-matched foes to earn yourself a nuke, you’ll likely find your next challenge all the more difficult. 

Nuke FAQ 

How to unlock the Nuke in Call of Duty: Mobile? 

The level you need to reach to unlock the Nuclear Bomb is 20. 

How many kills does the Nuke need in CoD: Mobile? 

In order to activate the Nuke killstreak, you need to build up a streak of 20 kills.