How to Use Weapon XP Cards in CoD Mobile

How to Use Weapon XP Cards in CoD Mobile Staff Updated on by

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Although CoD Mobile isn’t what you might call a pay to win game, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to drastically reduce how much time you have to spend grinding for something in it.

Take, for example, weapons, which are the most important part of a game like CoD. After all, without the firearm, how could any game call itself a first-person shooter? Now, you’ll need to level your weapons up if you want to be able to contend with high-tier players.

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However, it would take too long if you spent time leveling up every new weapon you got your hands on, and that’s where XP cards come into play. We’re here to teach you how to use any XP cards you might have, regardless of how you’ve acquired them.

How to Get Weapon XP Cards in CoD Mobile?

Now, there are quite a number of ways to get your hands on XP cards, but only two of them really matter as the rest rely too much on RNG (such as opening a free crate hoping to get XP cards).

The first and completely free method is to just keep playing matches. Regardless of whether you play the multiplayer or battle royale mode, at the end of the match chances are you’ll get a weapon XP card for your troubles.

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The second option, however, is to purchase XP cards from the in game store using COD Points. To do this, simply launch the app, go to the store, scroll down in the left hand menu until you reach the ‘item’ option. Tap it, and you’ll see the five different types of XP cards available to be purchased.

As you’ll see in the image above, the game tends to put discount offers on these XP cards very frequently, so do check to see if there’s a promotion running before making your decision and deciding which card you want to buy.

How to Use Weapon XP Cards in CoD Mobile?

After getting any XP card, using it is pretty straight forward. 

  • Launch the CoD Mobile app, log in to your account, and head to the main menu.
  • Tap on the loadout option.
  • Choose between primary or secondary weapon (depending on what sort of weapon you want to use the XP cards on).
  • Select the weapon you want to upgrade (XP cards aren’t easy to come by, so make sure you pick the one you want to upgrade and don’t accidentally use the cards on the wrong weapon).
  • Tap on Upgrade.
  • Under the various types of XP cards, you’ll see a plus and minus sign. Use them to adjust how many cards you want to use.
  • Tap on ‘use’, and the number of XP cards you have selected will be used.

XP Cards are a terrific addition to the game, as they cut down the time we have to dedicate to grinding by a lot. It’s also great that we don’t necessarily have to use real money to get these cards and can simply earn them by doing what we do best, which is playing matches.

How to Use Weapon XP Cards in CoD Mobile FAQs

What is XP in CoD Mobile?

Whether it’s your battle pass, weapon, or rank, XP essentially shows your progress towards reaching the next level in the game.

What is the use of battle pass XP in CoD Mobile?

Battle Pass XP boosts enable you to level up your battle pass faster, allowing you to gain more rewards.