Apex Legends Uprising event skins – What limited-time cosmetics and rewards can you get?

Apex Legends Uprising event skins – What limited-time cosmetics and rewards can you get?
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The Apex Legends Uprising event skins will be the highlight of Respawn Entertainment’s next big in-game battle royale event for many players. As with all collection events, the ultimate prize is picking up these shiny new cosmetics to get your Apex fashion on-point. But what are the event skins, and how do you get them?

Although the Uprising start time has yet to come out, we’ve been fortunate enough to get a look at some of the Apex Legends Uprising event skins on offer, and we have some ideas of what to expect based on the long history of previous collection events like the Doppelganger event and Death Dynasty event. So let’s go through what we know so far, what the best prizes will be, and how you can get your hands on them as soon as possible before we reach Season 20.

Apex Legends Uprising event cosmetics list – What are the new skins you can pick up?

Here’s a list of all the Uprising event skins. Keep in mind that Apex Legends cross progression means if you earn some of these across different accounts, they’ll all be merged when your accounts link.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins: Ballistic's Sleek and Suave skin on display in-menu.
Image by VideoGamer
Cosmetic NameCosmetic ForCosmetic Grade
Aerial AscentValkyrie frameEpic
Echo’s GroveVantage frameEpic
UndercroftBangalore frameEpic
Protector of the RealmGibraltar frameEpic
Offering Ballistic frameEpic
Raven’s LegionBloodhound frameEpic
Emerald EyeCharge Rifle sniperLegendary
Divine LegionBangalore skinLegendary
Thunder ClapGibraltar skinLegendary
Tie The KnotPeacemaker shotgun skinLegendary
Sleek&SuaveBallistic skinLegendary
Eye of The IdolWingman pistol skinLegendary
Fallen DuskVk-47 Flatline AR skinLegendary
Allfather’s ChosenBloodhound skinLegendary
AscendantValkyrie skinLegendary
Graceful HuntVantage skinLegendary
Defiant Usurper Mad Maggie skinEpic
Pearlescent Mirage skinEpic
Divine OracleSeer skinEpic
Lightning StrikeHavoc ER skinLegendary
Triple StakesTriple Take sniper skinLegendary
Shared DecoCAR skinEpic
Nouveau StyleL-Star ER skinEpic
GatekeeperSpitfire LMG skinEpic

As with most events, there’s an overarching theme linking the skins under one central aesthetic. This time around that theme is Divine. The cosmetics boast a lot of opulent colour schemes like white and gold, crimson, and emerald green and black. If you like a look of refinement and splendour to your Legends and weapons, then this may well be the best event for you.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins: Bloodhound's Raven's Legion banner on display in-menu.
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Apex Legends new Loba Prestige skin

With most collection events, we’re lucky enough to get one new Prestige skin, a special, highly rare, highly sought after Legendary skin for Legends. Uprising comes with just such a skin for Loba. Loba’s Prestige skin, Apex Lycanthrope, will work like most others. You’ll earn it for free after unlocking all the other cosmetics in the event. After that, it’s your job to level it up through its three tiers. You’ll need to do this by completing set challenges while playing as Loba with the skin equipped. These challenges can vary, but it’s usually stuff like ‘Deal a certain total amount of damage’ or ‘get a certain number of knockdowns or eliminations’.

As it progresses from Tier 1 to Tier 3, it will gain additional cosmetic features, becoming more complex and impressive at every level. Eventually, you’ll reach the skin’s apex (pun intended) form, where it’ll show off your skill and dedication in a way few other skins can.

Did you know?

Prestige Skins are still pretty rare in-game. At the moment, only Bloodhound, Bangalore, Wraith, Caustic, Valkyrie, Revenant, and now Loba have Prestige Skins so far.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins: Tier 3 of Loba's prestige skin.
Image by VideoGamer

How to get Apex Legends Uprising skins and cosmetics

If you’re new to a collection event, or simply haven’t played in a while, you might be wondering how you actually go about picking up these skins. Luckily that process is fairly straightforward.

The Uprising event will have 24 skins up for grabs in total, as well as the Loba Prestige skin, Apex Lycanthrope. If it follows the pattern of previous events, 12 of these will be Epic skins, and the other 12 Legendary skins.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins: Wingman skin on display in-menu
Image by VideoGamer

You can unlock them at random through special event packs, likely called Uprising Packs. Like a normal Apex Pack, these give you a cosmetic when opened. They can’t give duplicates though, so once you get a certain skin, you will only get something you don’t own from the next pack. This means that you’ll only need 24 packs in total for all the skins.

There are a few ways to get the packs. The easiest is to just buy them with Apex Coins if you want to skip the grind. This can prove expensive though, so we’d recommend holding back on purchases unless you’re certain you want them.

Your other option will be to play the event, completing bounties and missions as frequently as possible. This should earn you some Crafting Materials which you can use to get event packs, though getting 24 this way is extremely difficult and requires relentless dedication. You should also start the event with one free pack when you first log in once Uprising is live.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins: Valkyrie's Ascendant skin on display in-menu.
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What’s the best game mode for farming Uprising event skins?

The Revenant Uprising LTM the limited-time mode coming along with the Apex Legends Uprising collection event. While we’d encourage tackling Battle Royale, Death Matches, and more to help complete challenges and bounties, you’re likely to make the most progress by engaging in this mode directly.

As a quick overview, it’s a 30v30 mode, pitching an Revenant army against a group of Legends trying to escape at an Evac point. Each squad that falls will join the Simulacrum horde’s ranks, gradually turning the tables against Legends. One player-controlled red eyed Revenant will also spawn in at the start on the opposing team, with red shields, high tier loot, and plenty of weapons and ammo. To get the best rewards, try to compete on both teams often, and aim to complete any game with well-rounded progress towards any objectives.

That covers everything you need to know about Apex Legends Uprising event skins, what to expect, and how to get them. There’s more besides cosmetics to dive into though. Whether you want to know our picks for the best guns and best Legends, or want a deep dive into the Season 19 meta to make the most of all the Apex game modes before the Season 19 end date, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends Uprising event skins FAQ

Can you get Apex Legends Uprising skins after the event ends?

You should be able to get Uprising event skins in Apex Legends even after the event ends, but you’ll have to wait until they turn up in the Apex Store.

How many Legendary skins are there in the Apex Legends Uprising event?

There are 12 Legendary skins you can pick up during the Apex Legends Uprising event.