Apex Legends cross progression update steals spotlight in season 19

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The next chapter for Apex Legends is really exciting for the community. Not only are fans getting treated to a new playable character, but Apex Legends season 19 is getting a huge cross-progression update, too. This update will allow players to share a master account across different platforms whether it be PlayStation or Xbox.

Electronic Arts’ start date for Apex Legends season 19 is just in time for Halloween. Unfortunately, it marks the end of the Halloween event stuffed with rewards and skins, but it’s massively exciting nonetheless. It introduces ‘certified baddie‘ Conduit as a new playable hero, and she is bound to become a fan-favorite for everyone thanks to her unique origin combined with her powerful abilities.

Does Apex Legends have cross-progression?

Apex Legends is getting cross-progression with the season 19 Ignite update. Fans can already enjoy crossplay multiplayer between PlayStation and Xbox, but cross-progression has been missing. Fortunately, come the next chapter, Respawn’s update will allow accounts to merge across different platforms.

When loading the game, an info page will show the player’s highest-level account. This will become the master account, and all skins and unlocks from other profiles will transfer over to this master account. You will be able to use this master profile on any platform meaning PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

In addition to cross-progression, the season 19 update will see the addition of ultra-powerful red grade Wingman and L-Star weapons. These are unique items that can only be collected from care packages, and the Wingman is especially powerful. It’s been compared to the OG season 0 Wingman, and it may be the most powerful weapon in the game come next month.

Before the next episode arrives, check out our ranked tier list of the Apex Legends characters up to season 18. We have also provided a tier list for all of the weapons.

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