E3 2018 – all the key reveals from Ubisoft’s press conference

E3 2018 – all the key reveals from Ubisoft’s press conference
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Ubisoft had a strong showing this year, and proved that if nothing else it’s consistently good at putting on a show. There were a few interesting wrinkles in there, though, notably the news that some of the assets for Beyond Good & Evil 2 are sort of being crowsourced by a collaborative production company founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Read on for the greatest hits.

  • This year Ubisoft got the dancers dressed as strange and terrifying but somehow erotic cryptids out of the way early. Just Dance 2019 is of course a thing, and we were all slightly disappointed that the dancing panda on stage didn’t unzip its costume and reveal itself to be lovely Yves, but we can’t have everything.

  • I do wonder what it’s like being a dancer who books the Just Dance E3 gig. Like, is it mostly the same people every year? Do they look forward to June because it’s a guaranteed bit of revenue? Are you disappointed when you get given the Sexy Bivalve role instead of the Sexy Carousel?

  • Also, does Yves get directly involved in the concepting and choreography? Please contact me with the answers to these questions.

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 was on stage, and when I say that I mean that when the CG trailer was finished and we moved to a tiny bit of pre-alpha gameplay footage it was a shot of the stage and the screen on stage. It never went full screen. The gameplay isn’t on YouTube. I’m not saying it doesn’t look really cool, I’m just saying confidence wasn’t necessarily inspired at this early stage.

  • But we didn’t get time to think about that because suddenly they said ‘Here is Joseph Gordon-Levitt,’ and we all thought we might have misheard but then he did actually appear. JGL founded a collaborative production company called HitRecord years ago, and Ubi is kicking out the creation of some music and art assets to them. HitRecord do pay creatives on their projects — but only if their work is used in one of the final pieces, and scaled relative to how big the HitRecord team think your contribution was, so your payment could literally be a few cents. Some creatives on Twitter are saying this is essentially still spec work, i.e. bulls***, while others are excited at the opportunity to put stuff in a game.

  • Rainbow Six Siege has hit 35 million players, and keeps adding new operators, begging the question: how many more cool call signs like Maestro and Smoke does the creative team have left? While RB6 is pushing forward with its esports, the more interesting angle on that is the community documentary Ubi is producing, following a bunch of different RB6 fans (including streamers, pro players and a coach). Called Another Mindset, it’ll get it’s full release at the Six Major in Paris this August.

  • A man drove a motorcycle into the theatre, high fived the front row, briefly turned the conference into WWE by smashing into a TV that was on stage, declared himself Prime Minister of Finland, and announced a new Trials game.

  • The Division 2: Divide Harder already has a first year roadmap including free DLC, eight player raids and hella ruined Washington, D.C. (a debate currently rages as to whether it is a political statement or not).

  • Naval-combat-ripped-from-Black-Flag title Skull & Bones has used its delay to somehow become almost an entirely different game with a campaign and everything; is definitely not Sea of Thieves with more realism.

  • Elijah Wood came on to reveal a bit more of Transference, which is a VR game that’s also playable on regular platforms, and as far as I could make out is about a version of Guillermo del Toro but if Guillermo del Toro was well into computers and killing you instead of well into wanting you to f*** monsters.

  • We’d all kind of forgotten that Ubisoft was making a toys-to-life space game, but Starlink is totally a thing and — wait, STARFOX? This further collaboration between Ubi and Ninty was an opportunity for the second annual ‘Yves, have you got something to give Miyamoto? Give Miyamoto the present you got him,’ adorable elderly developer playdate.