Starlink: Battle for Atlas was revealed at E3 last year. We now know that Starlink will be out this year. October 16, to be exact. Also, Fox McCloud is in the Switch version. What. How. What is happening. We've been awake for so long now. Are we hallucinating?

Starlink is a toys-to-life game where you build a modular spaceship that snaps to your controller. You can reconfigurate your ship to change it's abilities in the game. Yves Guillemont came on stage to confirm it was only possible because of the relationship Ubi now has with Nintendo. Like last year, Yves invited Ninty luminary Miyamto on stage and gave him a toy. It is lovely.


Sadly, though Starlink is available on other consoles, they don't get Star Fox. He's a Switch exclusive. But non-Switch scrubs can have a regular gameplay trailer.


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