Beyond Good & Evil 2 got a teeny bit of gameplay and a cool new CGI trailer, but the big surprise came when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was revealed as a playable character called on stage to confirm that his collaborative production company HitRecord will be providing art assets and music for the game. It was like when Justin Timberlake turned up at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

On HitRecord many thousands of creatives can upload different photographs, music, art, writing, etc. etc. and cross collaborate on different projects with other creators. As of right now they're working on the Beyond Good & Evil project, and because there's no real barrier to joining HitRecord that means you can input on it too.

As of right now, is unreachable, presumably because it just got a huge increase in traffic, but you should check it out if you're interested.


Update: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has Tweeted to say it should have been made more clear that HitRecord pay all their collaborators. You can read the HitRecord FAQ about it here.

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