Could Google Bard replace Google Search?

Could Google Bard replace Google Search?
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If you, like many, were wondering could Google Bard replace Google Search?

For those that don’t know, Google Bard is a new AI chatbot that has just come out of its beta stage with a range of new features after a waitlist that lasted two months. Google has explicitly detailed that Bard will not replace its search engine, but will instead extend and enrich search results, and what you can do with them.

Like ChatGPT and Jasper AI, Google Bard is a chatbot of many talents. Its features range from the visual to the practical, and has been designed to help users get even more out of Google Search.

Let’s get into it.

In short, probably not but it’s complicated. Though Google has said that Bard isn’t a replacement for Search, that doesn’t stop people from using it as if it is. Then there’s the issue of inaccuracy.

The thing is, Google Bard is supposed to help you with tasks like summarising information. One of the possible uses Google advertise Bard as capable of handling is explaining ‘quantum physics in simple terms.’ So information can be retrieved from Bard.

However, in the same blog post, Google go on to add that Bard can ‘provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently.’ This is not a new issue for AI. We had it with ChatGPT, GPT-4, and now Bard.

This inaccuracy tendency is partly why Google has added so many reminders to not take Bard’s word into the interface itself. Responses are named ‘Drafts’ and you Google recommends you only use them to ‘help move your ideas forward.’ It’s clear then that Google does not want users to use Bard’s answers as the final content result.

Furthermore, there’s often a ‘Google It’ button at the bottom of each response just to remind you that these are separate softwares.

But we can see why people are getting confused. Part of Bard’s role as a content generator requires it to pull information together. This can make it seem like an information gathering tool…but the inaccuracy factor means it’s really not.

Could Bard replace Search in the future?

It’s unclear whether Bard could replace Search in the future. Though we’re in the early stages, it seems that Google wants Bard to be used alongside Search.

However, as Bard receives new features and updates, the future of Search will certainly be called into question more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is Google’s AI chatbot. It is built on their existing software LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) and is now out of the beta phase and into the ‘experimental’ phase.