Does Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition use Denuvo?

Does Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition use Denuvo?
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The latest port from Sony’s PlayStation to PC is coming, and you’re right in wondering if Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition features Denuvo.

Sony’s recent foray into PC game ports has suggested a pattern that doesn’t include Denuvo. Ordinarily, PC games released on Steam will feature a disclaimer that Denuvo, or any form of DRM, will feature in the game. As of yet, the Steam listing for Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition has not indicated that Denuvo will be coming.

It doesn’t look like Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition will feature Denuvo

If you look at prior examples of Sony PC ports – Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, you’ll notice that neither came equipped with Denuvo. If history is to be believed (as it usually is) then we can assume that Horizon Forbidden West’s PC port won’t feature the DRM protection either.

The potential lack of Denuvo’s inclusion in the game will come as welcomed news to many. This is because the anti-piracy technology has often brought with it unintended consequences such as stuttering or lagging. This stuttering caused in Resident Evil Village was so extreme that developers actually chose to remove Denuvo from the game after its launch.

For those unaware, Denuvo DRM is a specific software sometimes included in games with the specific purpose of preventing game files from being copied without authorization. The DRM in its name stands for ‘Digital Rights Management’ and it aims to protect game companies against the undesired piracy of their products. While this is a perfectly reasonable endeavor, it can be frustrating when your experience with a game is limited or even ruined. This frustration is often echoed by developers themselves, who don’t want their hard work undermined by performance issues caused by a third party.

There are other, less controversial, DRM technologies out there, but, unfortunately, Denuvo is one of the most popular and games continue to launch with its inclusion. For example, most recently we found out that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has Denuvo.