Warzone Mobile crashing – ‘Unsupported GPU’ fix on iOS and Android

Warzone Mobile crashing – ‘Unsupported GPU’ fix on iOS and Android
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You might be wondering how to fix Warzone Mobile from crashing, whether you’re on iOS or Android.

It’s not a fun experience when your phone runs hot, it starts lagging and stuttering, then it crashes mid-game. It’s especially annoying when you’re playing Warzone Mobile, a game in which even the slightest slip-up will cause you to lose your chance at winning a match. Here’s how we would go about fixing it.

Here’s how to fix Warzone Mobile crashing

It’s been reported that players attempting to play Warzone Mobile are facing severe issues with overheating. This is down to an error claiming that your phone has an “unsupported GPU.” If that’s the case, we’d recommend you first check out the best phones for Warzone Mobile and compare your own with our suggestions.

After that, you can try our solutions.

How to fix crashing in Warzone Mobile.

  1. Close any background apps

    While iPhones and Androids are pretty well known for their multitasking and threading, you’re still bound to encounter plenty of issues with memory handling. Apps like Spotify, Whatsapp, and Chrome eat up your phone’s resources, so make sure to close them properly.

  2. Restart your device

    If Warzone Mobile crashes while you’re playing, give your phone a total reboot.

  3. Charge your phone while playing

    Another option that will help your phone is charging it while playing. Keeping your phone plugged in will prevent your device from draining battery, which can sometimes lead to performance loss and crashing. Beware, though. This will warm up your phone.

  4. Lower your Warzone Mobile graphics settings

    Optimising the in-game options for performance will help you stop it from crashing. Sure, fancy graphics will look nice, though ultimately it’s not worth it if you can’t even play the game.

How to fix the ‘unsupported GPU’ error in Warzone Mobile

The ‘Unsupported GPU’ error in Warzone Mobile is expectedly caused by an issue with your phone’s GPU. If you’re using an iPhone, you’re less likely to encounter this issue thanks to the Apple’s Silicon, however players on Android are far more likely to encounter the issue due to the huge variance in chips used.

  • There’s a solution, however. It’s not particularly conventional, and there’s certain risks attached.
  • Open your Android’s Settings app
  • Click on About Phone or About Device
  • Tap Build Number seven times to enter Developer Mode
  • In settings, locate Developer Options
  • Open GPU Rendering Options
  • Lower your device’s overall resolution

You will want to undo this after you’re finished tinkering, as watching YouTube videos in a lower resolution probably isn’t fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Warzone Mobile crashing?

Warzone Mobile is likely crashing on your phone due to it overheating, or you’ve got too many Apps open at once. This is an easy fix, and you just need to give your phone a little rest. On top of that, you can also tinker with the graphics of the game, and the graphics of your phone to optimise things better.

What does the Unsupported GPU error mean in Warzone Mobile?

To put it bluntly, the Unsupported GPU error hails from your phone’s hardware being incompatible with the game. It’s worth checking out the Warzone Mobile system requirements to find out if your phone is going to be able to run it.