GPT 4 release date slated for ‘this week’ by Microsoft

GPT 4 release date slated for ‘this week’ by Microsoft
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The GPT 4 release date is slated for sometime ‘this week,’ according to Microsoft’s Germany CTO Andreas Braun.

GPT-4 is the next OpenAI deep learning language model set to replace GPT-3.5, and is highly anticipated to provide a new paradigm for AI conversational content. Alongside that, it’s following on from the launch of Visual ChatGPT, which is an evolution of the DALL-E2 model alongside Midjourney.

GPT-4 release date set for ‘this week’

ChatGPT is set for a release sometime ‘this week’, according to Andreas Braun, Microsoft Germany’s CTO. This was revealed in a recent AI presentation, at which German news outlet Heise reported on.

However, while the news of potential release date is enticing, that’s not the tastiest morsel of information we’ve been teased with . Here’s what Braun presented as an appetizer for the upcoming GPT-4 model:

“We will introduce GPT-4 next week, there we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities – for example videos.”

ChatGPT’s developers OpenAI are also responsible for the DALL-E image generation model, and the recent launch of Visual ChatGPT is sure to build on this model, so the integration of new multimodal models and AI video generation is sure to excite.

What’s different with ChatGPT-4?

The headline is that GPT-4 is going to be able to turn text into video using a combination of the new Visual ChatGPT model and GPT-4. This is all but confirmed by Andreas Braun, though that’s not all that’s going to impress GPT-fanatics.

Recently, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman suggested that multi-modal models would be available in the future. Multi-modal learning models effectively make use of multiple mediums of data – whether that be text, as GPT uses, or images, as DALL-E takes advantage of. In these new multi-modal models you might expect to input variations of text , image, and audio into the same UI in order to generate a conversational, visual, or audible response.

Has GPT-4 released yet?

At the time of writing, the GPT-4 model hasn’t yet launched. As stated above, it’s on the way, though we don’t know exactly when.

Many speculators, including PCGuide, have considered that the new GPT-4 model is being used by Bing AI. They’ve even gone ahead and theorised that since the new language model is accepting applicants for its waitlist, that the GPT-4 model is finalised.

This only fuels the idea that ChatGPT is going to see a major update in the near future.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest updates on GPT 4, including the new Visual ChatGPT. Aside from that, we’ve already had a look at whether or not it’s open source, and how much it costs for the paid plan. Make sure to check back in periodically for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GPT-4 a new version of ChatGPT?

Effectively yes, although GPT 4 is the language model API inside of ChatGPT, and other software’s also make use of the model.