NHL 24 Review – Physical fast-paced fun

NHL 24 Review – Physical fast-paced fun

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The scores are in for our NHL 24 Review. Having spent hours on the ice experiencing the new offering from EA Sports, I can safely say I have enjoyed my first time in NHL.

There is plenty to digest in the new game. Now that the NHL 24 release date has arrived all of these great new features are ready to go.

Let’s kick things off with the gameplay itself. As a rookie it took some time to adjust to the fast-paced action. Once I had got to grips with the basics, it became easier to understand the new features.

The first thing to notice the sustained pressure system. Funnily enough, I was on the receiving end of this one fairly frequently. When defending inside the blue line it was noticeable that defense struggled in periods of high pressure.

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It almost becomes a desperate fight for survival. Short periods of high-octane action feels like a game within a game, and getting through unscathed is a mini victory.

The goalie fatigue system worked in a similar way. This was one of the features I was able to use in my favor! Goalies were visibly slower to respond under periods of attacking intensity.

Moving the puck quickly on offense and firing off shots led to further opportunities. Whether this was on out of position goalie or space created for offensive players, I felt rewarded for periods of good play.

These two systems combined make up the brand-new exhaust engine in NHL 24. Safe to say, I was a fan of this aspect of the game, and I wonder if it could be replicated across other sports titles.

Continuing on the gameplay theme, body slamming your opponent is just so satisfying. The hit stick works in a similar way to Madden 24, and the primal feeling after a well-timed hit is sensational.

To create these moments, make sure you know how to body check in NHL 24. This is all part of the new physics-based contact system. If, like me, you want to play aggressive on defense then you’ll love the big hits you can produce.

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There are two more gameplay enhancements this year. Vision passing and total control skill moves. As a novice, the skill moves were way beyond my capabilities, but they are certainly something to familiarise yourself with if you are a more competent NHL player!

Onto one of the biggest game modes. HUT has returned as expected, and first impressions are positive. The menus are easy to navigate, although a bit unresponsive. Much better than the Madden 24 Ultimate Team menus which have been a disaster, but still not perfect.

In general the UI is okay. For a rookie it’s not always obvious where to find what you are looking for, but it does the job. 

Assembling your dream team is the main aim anyway, so getting bogged down in the admin side of the mode is futile.

HUT Moments, one of the new features, is a great addition. Just like in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, you can recreate classic scenarios or play current match ups and earn rewards along the way.

The introduction of crossplay in NHL 24 has also seen a shared market across same generation consoles. While this doesn’t really affect your experience in the game, it is worth noting.

Aside from the gameplay changes, there aren’t too many changes in either Franchise Mode or Be a Pro. Updates will come throughout the season, but fans of these modes can expect things to largely remain the same as last year.

If you want a less intense environment to hone your skills, I would recommend NHL Threes. This mode is available both online and offline, and gives you a bit more time and space to practice your skills before heading to the full game modes.

My introduction to NHL 24 has been a positive one. What began as a seemingly impossible game quickly became a steep learning curve.

From not being able to see the puck to going all out using the hit stick to body someone into the barricades was incredibly enjoyable. Executing swift attacks and slap shots adds to the action packed excitement.

From no expectations, NHL 24 has become a game I can’t leave alone.

Reviewed on PS5. Game provided by the publisher.

NHL Edmonton Oilers - Physical fast-paced fun.


Hard-hitting, fact-paced, and action-packed. NHL 24 has hit the sweet spot between challenging and enjoyable.
8 Hit stick feels great in new physics-based contact system Mounting pressure benefits you in the game in a noticeable way Progression continues to be fun without repetition User interface is a bit clunky Team select menus in Play Now are very slow