NHL 24 – How to deke

NHL 24 – How to deke
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How do you deke in NHL 24? With NHL 24 early access now live, fans are already immersing themselves in all the new content and features. With World of Chel and HUT being two of the most popular modes in NHL 24, others are gravitating to the new Franchise Mode experience and additional offline and online modes that bring the new gameplay changes to life.

With the official NHL 24 release date taking place later this week, fans playing the game courtesy of the early access period or plan on playing the game when it launches, might be curious how they can deke when handling the puck on the ice. If you’re aiming on making highlight plays and producing some of the best goals you can in the game, deking is where it all begins, and we’re here to show you how can do just that in NHL 24.

NHL 24 how to deke

NHL 24 how to deke controls

When people ask you how to deke in NHL 24, it’s like asking how do you perform dribble moves in NBA 2K24, or how to pull off juke moves in Madden 24. In other words, there’s so many different ways and types of dekes in NHL 24, as illustrated above. And in order to walk you through how to perform multiple effectively, we will go over the key controls and then list our Top 5 from the available list in the Controller Settings page.

First and foremost, the two controls you will use the most when performing dekes is your right analog stick and the L1 or LB control, which is the deke modifier. So if you’re looking to explore and play around with which dekes you like best, you will be using a combination of these two controls. With that in mind, here’s a look at our Top 5 deke moves you can perform in NHL 24.

Deke TypeDeke Control
Backhand Toe DragSquare or X
Through The Legs DekeLB or L1 and rotate Right Stick counter clockwise
Skate Kick DekeLB or L1 and aim down with the Right Stick
One Hand DekeBackhand + LB or L1 and rotate counter / clockwise with Right Stick
Lacrosse DekeTriangle or Y (Hold) + Release

These are only five of our favorite types of dekes you can perform in NHL 24. Should you care to learn the rest, you can visit the Controller Settings Page and review them in the Offense Controls section, which will detail how to execute each.

NHL 24 Gameplay

NHL 24 how to deke tips

There’s two factors when deking that are key to keep in mind as you play NHL 24. The first is making sure you’re trying it out with a player that has a high deke skill rating. Should you be after the Top 10 at doing so, NHL 24 posted the official list on their Twitter page last month, with the cover athlete Cale Makar leading the charge with a 97 deke rating. Once you choose the skater of your liking with the adequate deke rating, you’ll be able to pull off nearly all of them with ease.

The second and much more important aspect of deking to keep in mind, is timing and spacing. If you’re surrounded by too many defenders, or wait a second too long to perform it prior to receiving a hit, it can really derail your attack and lead to a costly turnover. Depending on the deke you choose to perform, some can be quite tricky to pull off and require every bit of accuracy and timing should you aim to secure the special highlight reel you’re after.

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