NHL 24 – How to hit

NHL 24 – How to hit
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How do you hit in NHL 24? NHL 24 is out and fans are loving it. Whether it’s HUT, World of Chel, Franchise Mode, or a different online or offline experience, the wait is over and fans can finally see what the new game is all about. During all these modes and games, it’s important to know how to lay a hit on your opponent.

The official NHL 24 release date and Early Access have officially passed, so lots of players have a good feel for all the new gameplay changes as they grind away with their favorite modes.

You have to score to win the game, so offense reigns supreme. Nevertheless, playing defense can lead to more offensive opportunities, so it is vital to have a strong defense. One thing that players love about playing defense in NHL 24 is the ability to completely lay someone out. So without further ado, here’s how to hit.

NHL 24 how to hit

NHL 24 how to hit controls

Here’s how to hit or perform a body check in NHL 24:

PlayStationHold Up on Right Analog Stick
XboxHold Up on Right Analog Stick

NHL 24 how to hit tips

When performing a hit on an opposing player, it all comes down to using your right analog stick. Upon locating the puck carrier on the ice, fans need to direct their player toward their opponent by angling the left stick towards them. When you get there, hold up on the right stick as soon as you meet the target. This will reward you with a bone-crushing hit.

Furthermore, a quick flick on the right stick will allow you to shove your opponents in NHL 24. This can be advantageous, as it gives you the chance to create fluid puck separation without a high risk of penalty.

If you want to do a hip check, you will need to hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox. While doing this, click down on your right stick while moving in the direction of the opposing player. Hip checks are far more challenging to pull off, so you need to ensure you can do it before attempting. Otherwise, you will likely put yourself out of position.

That logic generally applies to hitting in NHL 24 at large. Since hitting a player requires momentum and force, you can easily miss the target or have the opponent evade the move. This gives the offense an advantage that could lead to a goal. When doing any of these moves, timing is absolutely crucial, or mistakes will ensue.

Finally, with the new physics-based contact feature in NHL 24, players who are successfully hit will return to play slowly as they shake off the contact. This could make fans much more cautious with enduring them on the offensive side of the puck. But to top it off, fans can now unlock a new gameplay meta that grants a player reverse body check control. So if you attempt to hit them, they could flatten you on your back instead. It’s a very high-risk, high-reward play this year.

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