Valorant leak reveals codename for new Agent in development

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Valorant Episode 8 Act 3 has begun. Not much is new right away, but there are things to anticipate shortly. While it should be a decent chapter, fans are naturally always looking ahead to the future. Although a new map will officially be revealed very soon, a leak has uncovered the codename of a new Valorant Agent currently in development.

While there isn’t anything new with Episode 8 Act 3 yet, there are things happening shortly. Riot Games has shared the new Premier map pool starting from May 8th, and they have also shared when the new Episode 8 Act 3 map will be revealed. For the here and now, you can check out the update 8.08 patch notes to see all of the latest Agent buffs and nerfs along with changes to Premier mode.

The imminent announcement and demonstration of a new map is awfully exciting. On the other hand, there’s not much known about any new Agents, but we have possibly learned the codename of a fresh playable character being worked on.

New Valorant Agent codename leak

The codename of a new Valorant Agent has been discovered. Courtesy of ValorantLeaksEN, the codename is SHERRY.

It is a new agent as the datamine refers to ‘characters’. Sadly, there isn’t anything else shared about the mysterious combatant. The only additional detail pointed out by ValorantLeaksEN is that they ‘may or may not be our next Agent’.

The most recent character introduced to the game was Clove in Episode 8 Act 2. They were previously codenamed as SMOKEDANCE, and they are a Controller who has become a huge fan-favorite amongst the community.

Typically, there are three new agents released in a year. 2022 saw the releases of Neon, Fade, and Harbor, meanwhile, 2023 saw the debuts of Gekko, Deadlock, and Iso. Nothing has been confirmed for 2024, but another Agent is bound as Riot Games has explicitly referred to Clove as the ‘first Agent of 2024’ in their States of the Agents address for March this year.

Hopefully more details about Agent 26 will arrive soon. It may not be the character codenamed as SHERRY, but this is the most we have about any new playable faces beyond Clove.

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