10 Best Valorant Vandal skins, ranked

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The Vandal is perfect for Valorant’s mid to long-range engagements on any map in the game, making it one of the most popular guns. While your Vandal’s skin won’t contribute to getting more kills, it’s certainly a statement to have one. For your convenience, we’ve ranked them based on appearance, finisher animations, and other SFX/VFX quirks.

✓ At a glance

Currently, our favourite 10 Vandal skins are:

  • Elderflame
  • Glitchpop
  • Araxys
  • Reaver
  • Aemondir
  • Crimsonbeast
  • Chronovoid
  • Forsaken
  • Origin
  • Sentinels of Light

Best Vandal skins in Valorant

We’ve ranked the top 10 Vandal skins in Valorant based on various factors. They all cost Valorant Points (converted from real-world currency) so think twice before committing to a skin. However, you can nab discounts, such as during the Night Market, to increase your Vandal collection.

✓ Pro tip

Remember to wait for Night Market price drops

While only older skins tend to get discounts, it’s worth waiting for a Night Market refresh before purchasing a skin.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Elderflame Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Elderflame is a literal dragon in your hands. Image captured by VideoGamer.

1. Elderflame Vandal

  • Price: 2475 VP
  • Collection: Elderflame Bundle

This ultra-tier skin doesn’t come cheap despite it having been around for a while. But if it wasn’t clear already, the Elderflame Vandal practically feels like holding a lethal dragon. It burps fire on a reload and the bullet impact sounds also feel like those of a fire-breathing dragon. Reloading is effectively handing a magazine to the little dragon to hold. It’s easily one of the most striking Vandal skins in the game.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Glitchpop Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Consider the Glitchpop if you’re a fan of unique animations. Image captured by VideoGamer.

2. Glitchpop Vandal

  • Price: 2175 VP
  • Collection: Glitchpop Bundle

This one’s for players who love loads of unique animations. With special effects accompanying reloads, gunshots, and finishers, the Glitchpop Vandal quickly rose to the top of players’ wishlists. It also employs a unique glitch effect sound while firing the weapon. Each of its four neon-colour combinations drastically alters the gun’s appearance as well.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Araxys Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The geometric shapes of the Araxys make it a compelling pick. Image captured by VideoGamer.

3. Araxys Vandal

  • Price: 2175 VP
  • Collection: Araxys Bundle

This sleek, futuristic rifle comes in third place among Valorant’s Vandal skins. With sci-fi sounds and slick animations, it stands out from the other sci-fi skins. With four colours to pick from, the black-and-red variant is popular among pro players and fans alike. It has a neat finisher animation as well.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Reaver Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Reaver is a classic with its sharp edges and neat effects. Image captured by VideoGamer.

4. Reaver Vandal

  • Price: 1775 VP
  • Collection: Reaver Bundle

As one of the game’s all-time favourites, the Reaver Vandal is a constant in Valorant’s competitive matches. While the base purple variant looks great, the other three options are worth equipping too. You must have seen plenty of pros using one of these during matches so consider getting one yourself. Check out our Valorant tips and tricks guide to boost your skills alongside your skin collection and join the pros. 

Image of the Aemondir Vandal skin in Valorant.
This Vandal skin has so many intricate details. Image captured by VideoGamer

5. Aemondir Vandal

  • Price: 1775 VP
  • Collection: Aemondir Bundle

One of the latest skin collections added to the game, Aemondir Vandal looks both imposing and intricate. The base black and gold colour combination is always striking, and the large blade underslung beneath the barrel only accentuates the deadliness of this weapon. With further upgrades, you can also get a new sound effect and finisher to complete the set.

Image of the Crimsonbeast Vandal skin in Valorant.
This magma-fueled Vandal looks too hot to handle. Image captured by VideoGamer

6. Crimsonbeast Vandal

  • Price: 1775 VP
  • Collection: RGX 11z Pro Bundle

This molten fiery skin works perfectly with an aggressive weapon like the Vandal. If you ever go on a rampage and feel like you’re spitting fire – this skin will let you do just that. It looks like it was recovered from some primal volcano, making it a striking visual while fragging. Pair it with the best crosshair codes in Valorant to bump up your kill count.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Chronovoid Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Chronovoid has a moving orb that ebbs about during combat. Image captured by VideoGamer.

7. Chronovoid Vandal

  • Price: 2175 VP
  • Collection: Chronovoid Bundle

This elegant skin finds its place on our list due to its delicate metallic design and moving orb. Its inspect animation is among the best in the game. Among the four colour options, I prefer the pink one but its black-and-gold combo is superb as well. Pick this if you want the eyes of your foes to linger on your weapon as you vanquish them.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Forsaken Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Forsaken’s white-and-gold variant has blue highlights, the colour of its laser fire. Image captured by VideoGamer.

8. Forsaken Vandal

  • Price: 1775 VP
  • Collection: Forsaken Bundle

The Forsaken Vandal comes in two colors but it’s the white-and-gold variant that captured my attention. And with a light aura effect accompanying it, this pick doesn’t overwhelm you with wacky animations. Even the reload and sound effects aren’t too eccentric. Some may prefer the regular version but few Vandal skins can contest with the white one.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Origin Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Origin features one of the most unique reloads in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.

9. Origin Vandal

  • Price: 1775 VP
  • Collection: Origin Bundle

The main draw of the Origin Vandal is its incredible inspect animation. It also has a solid reload animation, with floating discs and halos of light. While the sound effects might not suit everyone, it’s still a solid option for players who want to stand out. It’s cheaper than most Vandal skins too.

Best Vandal skins in Valorant: The Sentinels of Light Vandal in the store. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Sentinels of Light has exotic color options that draw from League of Legends’ vibrant visuals. Image captured by VideoGamer.

10. Sentinels of Light Vandal

  • Price: 2175 VP
  • Collection: Sentinels of Light Bundle

The Sentinels of Light’s claim to fame is its excellent finisher animation. Its green-and-pink colour option is among the more unique choices in Valorant. The other three colour combinations are great too. The crystal-like sound effects are a mixed bag, but its kill animation is pretty neat. 

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