Learn How To Appear Offline In Valorant (2023)

Learn How To Appear Offline In Valorant (2023)
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While Valorant is a game better played with friends, sometimes you just want to avoid that friend who you know will impede your grind to the game’s upper echelons. With that said, many wonder if there’s a way you can appear offline in Valorant so you can queue without being disturbed by anyone from your friend list. 

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Can You Appear Offline In Valorant

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official way to appear offline in Valorant. Although, you can take help from third-party apps like Deceive to stay invisible from your in-game friends.

This app stops you from connecting to Riot Games’ social servers, which control your friend list and communications, so you appear offline in Valorant. However, it does not affect your connection to the game, and you’ll be able to stay hidden from your friends. 

While Riot is known to ban many players from using third-party apps, Deceive hasn’t been on its radar yet, and none of Deceive’s users have been known to get a ban. That is probably because the app doesn’t tamper with any in-game settings that give you an unfair advantage, and thus Vanguard probably considers it safe to use. 

However, we still recommend using it at your own risk, especially if you’ve invested a lot of time and Valorant Points grinding to the level you are.

How To Use Deceive To Appear Offline

If you’re looking to use Deceive to stay hidden from your friends, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download Deceive and create a shortcut “Deceive.exe” on your Desktop once it’s downloaded
  1. Right-click the shortcut, and then go to Properties → Target 
  1. Then, add an extra space after “.exe” and type “valorant”
  1. Click on Ok and then run the shortcut of Deceive you created
  1.  Right-click on Valorant and run the game as administrator

After you’ve launched Valorant, you’ll be able to see an icon on top of your friend list which will read “Deceive Active”. 

Final Thoughts

While sometimes the need to appear offline is imminent in Valorant, do it at your own discretion. Since Deceive isn’t known to cause any trouble (just yet), it seems safe to use for now. With that said, we hope this short guide made it clear as to whether you can appear offline in Valorant or not. Let us know in the comments if you want more short Valorant guides like these!