Full Valorant Agent 25 Clove abilities list and tiered rewards

Full Valorant Agent 25 Clove abilities list and tiered rewards

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Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 began a few weeks ago, but it didn’t really introduce much new to the game other than changes and improvements to Premier. However, while the lack of anything new was disappointing, we are getting a new playable agent. Here you will find the full and official Valorant Agent 25 Clove abilities list and tiered rewards.

Riot Games has revealed this new playable character as part of the Valorant VCT Madrid Masters tournament. Ahead of the official reveal from Riot, the character’s name, design, and nationality had already been leaked.

We’ve known for a while that the new Agent 25 is named Clove and that they come from Scotland. We’ve also known for a while that they belong to the Controller class, but now Riot Games has confirmed all of their abilities along with their tiered rewards from spray and player cards to a unique gun skin.

Valorant Agent 25 Clove abilities

Below are the full and official abilities of Valorant Agent 25, Clove:

  • (E) Ruse:
    • EQUIP to view the battlefield. FIRE to set the locations where Clove’s clouds will settle. ALT FIRE to confirm, launching clouds that block vision in the chosen areas. Clove can use this ability after death.
  • (Q) Meddle:
    • EQUIP a fragment of immortality essence. FIRE to throw the fragment, which erupts after a short delay and temporarily decays all targets caught inside.
  • (C) Pick-me-up:
    • INSTANTLY absorb the life force of a fallen enemy that Clove damaged or killed, gaining haste and temporary health.
  • (X / ULT) Not Dead Yet:
    • After dying, ACTIVATE to resurrect. Once resurrected, Clove must earn a kill or a damaging assist within a set time or they will die.

All of the above come via a press release from Riot Games. The new playable agent is described as a Scottish troublemaker who ‘makes mischief for enemies in both the heat of combat and the cold of death’.

In regard to creating the character, agent gameplay designer, Dan Hardison, has said “We wanted Clove to teach VALORANT players how to assess the value of their life within any given round”. The agent gameplay designer also said Riot Games “identified the controller role as ripe for opportunity for more aggressive playstyles”.

As for how Clove is more aggressive in playstyle compared to other controllers, Hardison said “Optimal Clove gameplay is about playing with fire – you need to take risks and trade your own life for the greater good to remove enemy utility from the round by killing opponents to have success – They’re unlike other controllers in that their raw execute utility should be weaker on average, but their ability to contribute post-death means that you should almost always fight to the death rather than cower from your opponents”.

Valorant Agent 25 Clove tiered rewards

Below are the tiered rewards/gear for Valorant Agent 25, Clove:

  • Tier 1: Spray-Gloomheart
  • Tier 2: Player Card- VALORANT Clove
  • Tier 3: Title – Mischievous
  • Tier 4: Spray- Wee Punk
  • Tier 5: Kingdom Credits- 2,000
  • Tier 6: Gun Buddy- Metal Wings
  • Tier 7: Spray – Clove Spray
  • Tier 8: Title – Undying
  • Tier 9: Player Card – Metamorphosis
  • Tier 10: Gun Skin – Flutter (Ghost)

In addition to emanating from Scotland, Riot Games has also confirmed that Clove is non-binary. Agents Lead, John Goscicki, has said “When creating an Agent, we strive to authentically represent a cast of diverse characters that reflect our global player base”. 

He continues, “This extends beyond just location and culture- Clove’s gender identity, along with their personality and unique gameplay style, is an equally important facet that has helped shape who they are as a VALORANT Agent”.

The release date for when Clove will come out in Valorant is March 26th. The Riot Games server status web page should be updated to inform about maintenance downtime.

Riot Games will officially reveal Agent 25 on March 24th. For more Valorant, check out our 18 tips on how to get better at the game along with our guide for how to appear offline if you don’t want certain friends knowing you’re playing. We also have guides for how to chat with the team, all, and private, along with how to add friends.