How to chat in Valorant – team, all, and private chat (2024)

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  • There are three types of chat in Valorant: group/party chat, all chat, and private chat.
  • Pressing Enter will bring up the chat window in the bottom-left of your screen. It will be party chat by default. PRess Shift+Enter to send a message to everyone instead.

Chat is a great way to communicate in Valorant, especially if your microphone doesn’t have the best-quality sound output. While typing is a little slow and isn’t the optimal choice of comms in a match, it works well in relaying vital information and callouts. Moreover, it’s sometimes recommended to type out your callout in pressure situations so your teammates don’t get disturbed and can hear enemy footsteps clearly.

How can you chat in Valorant

You can chat during a match in Valorant by simply pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. If you want to talk to the enemy, press the Shift and Enter keys simultaneously and type in your message for your opponents to see as well. 

Using Valorant’s chat feature, you can also send a message to someone specific in your friend list at any point in the game. Plus, the game even allows you to chat with other people on the lobby screen as well, which many First-Person Shooters don’t. 

1. Team/Party chat

If you’re in a party with a bunch of people, you can send them messages by clicking Enter and then typing in whatever you want. Alternatively, you can also hover your mouse over the text box and then right-click to chat with your team members.

Chat can be found in the bottom-left corner. Captured by VideoGamer

Similarly, when the game creates a lobby where you’re coupled with complete strangers, you can still use the Enter key to chat with them. This time all four team members will be able to see your messages. 

2. All chat

A simple and effective message to everyone. Captured by VideoGamer

If you’d like to talk to your opponents during a match, whether to trash talk or socialize (we don’t judge), the method is relatively straightforward. Press the Shift and Enter keys simultaneously and then type in your messages. These messages will be seen not only by your opponents but by your team as well. 

3. Sending a private chat

The game also allows you to send DMs to someone from your friend list. The method for it is a bit different, however, and no one will have access to that chat except you and the person you sent the message to. If you’re looking to ask your friend who’s already in a game if he’d like to queue next with you, here’s how you can do it.

  1. To send a private chat to someone, press Enter and then press Tab.
  2. Type in the name of the person you’re searching for, and then right-click their name to select it.
  3. You’ll then be able to see “To [Username of person]” in the chat box. From there, you’ll be able to send messages to them only. 
Pressing Tab in chat will bring up your online friends. Captured by VideoGamer

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