The Last of Us series cast

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With the critically acclaimed and cinematic videogame, The Last of Us, finally making the jump to live action storytelling courtesy of HBO. Many of the game’s fans worldwide have been wondering how many of The Last of Us television series‘ cast will be brand new actors in the roles, and how many will be actors reprising their roles from the original videogame?

Who stars in the cast of The Last of Us series?

Pedro Pascal plays Joel Miller

Played in The Last of Us (later renamed The Last of Us Part I), The Last of Us: Left Behind, and The Last of Us Part II by Troy Baker.

The Last of Us TV series will instead see fan favourite actor, Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, Narcos, The Mandalorian), taking on the role of the closed off and cynical smuggler tasked with smuggling and protecting the young Ellie.

Bella Ramsey plays Ellie Williams

Played in the videogames by celebrated actress, Ashley Johnson (The Avengers, Blindspot, The Legend of Vox Machina). The role of Ellie will now be played in The Last of Us TV series by rising young actress, Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials, Catherine Called Birdy).

Ellie is both brave and wise beyond her 14 years, having grown up as an orphan, knowing nothing but the new world created by the virus and the oppressive regime of the military who have taken control of key areas of America.

Gabriel Luna plays Tommy Miller

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Terminator: Dark Fate star, Gabriel Luna, stars in the series as Joel’s younger brother, Tommy.

Tommy, in the original videogames is a good and compassionate man, who is deeply affected by the way the world changes after the “Cordyceps Virus”, especially by how his brother, Joel, adapts to survive in this new world.

Jeffrey Pierce plays an, as yet undisclosed, role

Speaking of Tommy, Jeffrey Pierce (The Tomorrow People, Castle Rock, Love, Death, and Robots), who played Tommy in the original videogames, is set to play an, as yet undisclosed, role in the series.

Merle Dandridge plays Marlene

One of the few actors from The Last of Us videogame cast to be reprising the same role as part of the TV series. Merle Dandridge (Sons of Anarchy, The Flight Attendant, Station 19) is set to once more play Marlene, the commander of the Fireflies militia.

Marlene is an integral character in Joel and Ellie’s story as she is the one who hires Joel to protect and smuggle Ellie to safety, leading to their epic journey across the virus ravaged America.

Anna Torv plays Theresa ‘Tess’ Servopoulos

Anna Torv (Fringe, Mindhunter, The Newsreader) takes on the role of Joel’s fellow smuggler and confidant, Tess. With Tess and Joel working together as partners, relying on and trusting in each other to work and survive, with Tess acting as “the brains” of their operation, while Joel served as “the muscle”.

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Nick Offerman plays Bill

Renowned for his iconic performance as the irascible Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Nick Offerman is set to star in The Last of Us TV series as Bill, Joel’s contact in the town of Lincoln. Who, in addition to owing Joel a number of unrevealed favours, procured supplies for Joel and Tess that they could smuggle into the quarantine zone.

Murray Bartlett plays Frank

Someone who will be very familiar to regular HBO viewers, after his roles in hit HBO shows, Looking, and The White Lotus. Murray Bartlett is now set to play Frank, the partner of Nick Offerman’s, Bill.


Ashley Johnson plays an, as yet undisclosed role

While it has not been officially disclosed yet which character, Ashley Johnson, will be playing in the series. It does seem highly likely given the series’ most recent trailer, and accounting for the physical resemblance between Johnson and Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie.

That Johnson will in fact be playing Anna Williams, Ellie’s mother. As a blink and you’ll miss it shot in the most recent trailer showed Johnson cradling a new born baby in her arms.

Melanie Lynskey plays Kathleen

Yellowjackets star, Melanie Lynskey, stars in the series as (it appears to be a new character), Kathleen.

Little is know about Kathleen’s role in the events of the show’s first season, other than she is said to be a revolutionary leader.

Storm Reid plays Riley Abel

Rising young star, Storm Reid (A Wrinkle in Time, The Invisible Man, Euphoria), is set to star as Riley, Ellie’s best friend and a member of Marlene’s Fireflies.

Nico Parker plays Sarah Miller

Nico Parker (Dumbo) plays the role of Sarah Miller, Joel’s daughter. With the events surrounding Sarah acting as the catalyst that sets Joel on the path viewers will find him on when he meets Ellie.

Troy Baker plays an, as yet undisclosed, role

It is still currently undisclosed who, Troy Baker, will be playing in The Last of Us TV series. But, like his The Last of Us videogame co-lead, Ashley Johnson. Baker appears in the latest trailer for the series in a blink and you’ll miss it scene.

And, while it doesn’t give us as much to go on as Johnson’s cameo in the trailer. It does appear that Baker will be a member of David’s murderous cannibal group of virus survivors.

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The Last of Us series cast FAQ

How many episodes will The Last of Us be?

You can read more about the length of the show’s first season in this article. But, it seems that show will be around 9 to 10 episodes in length to begin with.

Who is playing David in The Last of Us show?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation yet. As the producers are likely hoping to keep this reveal a surprise for when the show airs. But, based on the cast list released for the show ahead of it’s debut. It would appear that Nelson Leis will be playing the role of David

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