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How many episodes will The Last of Us have?

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The first season of HBO‘s adaptation of The Last of Us is almost here and fans worldwide are wondering just how many episodes will be in the series’ first season.

As fans who’ve played through the The Last of Us know that the game’s story can take around 14 hours to complete. Which, due to the pacing and interactive nature of videogames, doesn’t always translate to film and TV.

As rather than interacting directly with the story, audiences are watching it unfold before their eyes. So, a 14 hour story in a videogame, may not always translate into 14 hours of a TV series.

Especially when you consider that in a videogame, you are following one or two core characters throughout the story. Whereas, due to the nature of television storytelling, writers will often choose to focus on several characters and their journey through the story.

Just how many episodes will The Last of Us Season 1 have?

It’s been confirmed that the first season of The Last of Us will have 10 episodes, with each new episode released weekly on TV and streaming.

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How many episodes will The Last of Us have? FAQ

Will there be a Last of Us 2?

Yes. In fact, The Last of Us Part II has already been released on Playstation 4 and is available to buy now.

Will there be a 3rd Last of Us?

Although there has been no official confirmation from series creators, Naughty Dog. Rumours continue to persist that they are indeed working on a 3rd instalment of the game series.