The Helldivers 2 Major Order progression is being tracked again, but it is too late to succeed

The Helldivers 2 Major Order progression is being tracked again, but it is too late to succeed
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This latest Helldivers 2 Major Order could be the most difficult yet, with players tasked with defending 10 planets from both the Automatons and Terminids, which comes just days after exterminating a staggering 2 billion Terminids in the previous event. Unfortunately, an issue with the game prevented progression from being tracked, which may now make it too late to succeed and it looks like the Helldivers are set to fail this Major Order.

Twinbeard, a Helldivers 2 Community Manager, took to the official Discord to announce that progress is being tracked once again after having not been available throughout the weekend.

“The galactic war and liberation process is up and running again! We’re awaiting possibly more detailed information, but for now, we have a go for liberation!”

Screenshot of a video game menu screen, displaying an inventory with item descriptions, game currency, and player stats visible. The Helldivers 2 Major Order progression is being tracked again and is highlighted.
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While the issue was unresolved during the weekend, the Major Order progression was showing as having only liberated 1/10 planets. I had hoped that once it was fixed it would show we had made great progress with either five or six planets successfully completed. Unfortunately, the figure now stands at just 2/10, meaning that we have three days to liberate eight more planets after spending the first three days only liberating two, this doesn’t seem hopeful.

Screenshot of The Helldivers 2 Major Order gaming interface showing a list of planets with percentages, player counts, and status indicators such as "succeeding in 3h 7m
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According to, players are currently positively liberating four of the remaining planets while losing ground on the other four. However, based on the predicted time only one planet is due to succeed. This could all change as the higher liberated planets become completed and players can focus solely on the planets that are currently losing ground.

But, as it stands right now, succeeding in this Major Order seems incredibly unlikely. It is difficult to know whether this period of not reporting progression is to blame, or whether we were always set up to fail, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It is understandable that players want to succeed at every Major Order, but if the good guys won every battle then the story would be boring as neither the Automatons nor Terminids would be perceived as any real threat. So, maybe we need to be knocked down a peg or two every now and then to remind us that we are at war in a fight for democracy.

To stand any chance at succeeding, it is more important than ever to work together and strategize our attack in order to liberate the remaining eight planets as quickly as possible. To do this, players need to be equipped efficiently to ensure survival in every mission they partake in. We highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your squad can be kitted out to serve Liber-tea to every enemy that stands in your way.