Helldivers 2 glitch is causing the current Major Order to not be tracked correctly

Helldivers 2 glitch is causing the current Major Order to not be tracked correctly
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Helldivers 2 players are currently facing the toughest Major Order event yet, with players needing to successfully defend 10 planets at the same time. Despite being over two days into the event, only one planet has been successfully defended so far, or at least that’s what it says.

Arrowhead Game Studios has taken to X to let players know that our efforts are not being displayed properly and it will be fixed soon saying,

“Our galactic war systems are suffering a minor outage after the destruction of a long-range array on Vernen Wells. During this time, your liberation efforts may not be tracked and progress may not display properly. Our teams are looking into the issue as we speak!*

So right now we have no way of knowing how well we’re doing, and with this being the toughest Major Order yet, and one we’re likely to fail, this isn’t a great time for progress to track. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon and it turns out we’ve made great progress, otherwise, victory will likely be too far out of our reach to make up the lost ground now. The Major Order is currently scheduled to end on Wednesday, April 24th, and comes after the Helldivers 2 community managed to exterminate 2 billion Terminids in just over 12 hours at a rate of over 150 million an hour.

Whether we succeed or fail remains to be seen and all we can do is continue to defend and liberate planets as we’ve been doing and hope that when the issue is fixed it transpires that we’ve successfully defended numerous planets without knowing. To ensure we have the best chance at victory, no matter how small it seems right now, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you and your squad can be in the position to serve Liber-tea to the galaxy.